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Scalp Micropigmentation in Arizona

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Garrett had long observed his mother as she perfected the art of permanent cosmetics.  Watching his mother mix pigments to achieve the appropriate colors for eyebrows, lipstick, etc., he became fascinated with the way you could give a realistic look to eyebrows just by using the right pigment mixture and paying extra close attention to detail.  When he turned 20 and started balding rapidly, he took his savings and got a hair transplant.  Shortly thereafter, with disappointing transplant results and an overwhelming desire to find a better solution, he started looking around at men that had gone bald and started shaving their head.  He noticed that the short stubble hair along the sides of the head could be replicated and long as you had the proper microscopic needles and the right pigment (3D) mixture.  He began experimenting on his own skin, trying out ideas from the permanent cosmetic world and the world of professional tattoo artists to perfect the look of real hair stubble.  Once he felt confident he had the right needle widths, proper skin depth, taper ratios, pigment mixtures, micro-needling equipment, and proper aftercare treatment guidelines, he set out to see if his ideas would be accepted by the bald and balding community.  At first people were skeptical of this revolutionary treatment, but all he had to do was show his client how good it looked and they were sold.  He showed them how realistic it looked by doing a sample patch of replicated follicles on the their head.  Having performed this procedure for hundreds of clients since 2006, he has mastered the art of 3D scalp micropigmentation and does so at an affordable price.

Meet Garrett Duell: Owner and operator of DermiMatch Hair Clinic.

“I don’t want someone to make the same mistake I did; rush out to spend all of their savings just to end up with a bad transplant and a large scar along the back of their head.  I want to offer something that looks good, is painless and won’t break the bank.  With my custom made needles and proprietary pigment mixtures, I hope to alleviate people from the anguish and financial burden that comes with hair loss.” -Garrett Duell

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