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See the latest scalp Micropigmentation testimonial by DermiMatch. no hair transplant  Filmed 3.5 years later.

Updated: 02/17/2020

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Anti Shine Products

Here at DermiMatch Hair Clinic, we put the well-being of your scalp first.  We invite you to try our anti shine mattifying product for shiny/oily skin.  Fortified with Skin protectants such as Aloe Vero and Vitamin E, this matte cream will ensure your scalp looks healtthy and young years after your procedure

Why DermiMatch?

Scalp MicroScalp MicroPigmentation Arizona (SMP)

With our primary focus on Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) and the products needed to enhance our clients' skin and hair, we offer a wide range of services and referrals in order to help our clients achieve the best results possible.  We perform:  alopecia, Scar cover up / camouflage, follicle replication, baldness, hair thickening, balding, hairloss


With combined experience in the hair transplants and scalp  micropigmentation  (SMP) fields, we are prepared for any stage of balding you are experiencing and will make sure you are cared for with the best services we have to offer.  The aesthetics of one's scalp help determine the level of confidence an individual has and we here at DermiMatch understand this and put the highest level of artistry and passion into each procedure we perform. Conveniently located in the heart of Phoenix, Arizona at 18777 N. 32nd St, 85032, we are easily accessible from anywhere in the valley.

Scalp Micropigmentation

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With doctors on staff, DermiMatch Hair Clinic is the only scalp micropigmentation clinic that can offer financing through the number one trusted cosmetic medical financing instiution: CareCredit.

Example of a hair transplant correction/concealer/fill-in, SMP Scalp Micropigmentation in Arizona

Scalp Micropigmentation care credit financing

Why do I see some scalp jobs that look blue or purple? (02/17/2020)
This is unfortunate side effect of the masses wanting to get involved in scalp micropigmentation. Certain scalp micropigmentation “clinics” are using,tattooing needles and even worse, tattoo inks. The reason tattoo ink turns blue is because it is made one of two ways;
1. The black ink is a combination of colors, with the primary color being blue. More and more blue is added until the ink starts to look black. Over time, as the tattoo fades, it appears blue as that is the only color left in the skin.
2. The ink was made using a method that has been around for centuries: mixing charcoal/carbon with water. While it is true that charcoal is black, and will not change color over time, charcaol in human skin appears blue BECAUSE it is pure black. You cannot put pure black into the skin, it will always appear blue. They may not appear blue in all lights, so you have to use a camera flash or fluorescent light to see it. We have seen some of the most well known scalp micropigmentation clinics out there using one of the 2 methods mentioned above. Most of these people that have gotten disappointing results elsewhere come to DermiMatch because they know that we can color correct to warm the bluish hue on their scalp Here at DermiMatch Hair Clinic, we do not use “ink.” We use real organic pigments which are a combination of black, gray and brown to make it look like natural hair in the skin. Our proprietary pigments have been tested in all lighting scenarios: indoor warm light, fluorescent light, camera flash light, bright LED, and sunlight.

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Most recent testimonial from a SMP(scalp micropigmentation) client in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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Scalp Micropigmentation in Scottsdale, AZ financing with Care Credit
Scalp Micropigmentation in Arizona

​​​Why do I see some scalp jobs that look blue or purple?

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