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by DermMicro

oily skin | shiny skin | matte skin | matte for scalp
 scalp shine | shiny scalp | shiny head | scalp glare

For bald heads, bald scalp shine, and shiny heads.

Helps stop shine on a bald head.  With no hair to absorb your scalp oil, and no follicles to texturize the top of one’s head to diffuse light, you need to add that microscopic texture with Zero Shine by DermiMatch.

  • Remove Shine
  • Anti-Shine
  • Mattifying
    For a matte finish on any shiny or oily skin. No drying chemicals are used.  Stays on skin for 48 hours.  This formulated wax has everything you need to protect your scalp and oily skin with a matte finish.


Organic Brown Rice, Vitamin E Oil, Sandalwood Oil, Jojoba Oil, Demineralized Water.

The SPF 50 version also has the following ingredients:  AvoBenzone 2.9% Homosalate 14.7% Octisalate 4.9% Octocrylene 7.6%


Remove cap

Twist up in a clockwise motion to move the Zero Shine up.
Rub onto the shiny area in a  circular motion
Then use your hand to pat Zero Shine onto your head which creates the anti-glare matte effect.

Re-apply as needed.

 Without any sweating or water on the head, Zero Shine can last up to a full 24 hours after first application.


The DermiMatch Hair Solution – A cut above the rest.