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Before and After Gallery

Scroll down to view before and after photos ordered by the type of SMP procedure.  If you would like to see all scalp micropigmentation procedures, just click the button below:

Shaved Head Gallery

When the scalp has more severe hair loss, most decide to shave their hair all the way down.

Arced Hair Line - Soft Edge

Straight Hairline - Hard Edge

Low Arc - Medium Edge

Scar Work Gallery

Scars are the most notoriously difficult type of skin to work with in the scalp micropigmentation world.  With many years of experience, we are able to produce the results you see below:

Typical HT Strip Scar

Hair Transplant Scar camouflageHair Transplant Scar cover-up

Keloid Scar Camouflage

smp for keloid scar camouflagescalp micropigmentation for keloid scar camouflage

FUE Scar from Transplant

FUE camouflage scalp micropigmentation arizonaFUE camouflage scalp micropigmentation arizona

Hair Transplant Fill

Adding density to areas of the scalp where hair has been transplanted is a bit like working on thinning hair, but with the micro-scaring that happens throughout the recipient area, there are unique challenges that we have overcome with our DermiMatch Scalp Micropigmentation process.

Transplant Hairs with SMP

hair transplant densityhair transplant density with scalp micropigmentation

In progress SMP on transplant

SMP on transplant hairs

Hair Transplant with SMP

scalp micropogmentation on hair transplantsmp on hair transplant ht FUE

Thinning Hair Gallery

Having thinning hair is the first sign that you may be on a path to further hairloss.  We can add density for those who plan on keeping their hair length.  We can also adjust our technique to manage situations where you plan on either shaving it down or getting transplants.

thinning hair arizonathinning hair arizona SMP
thinning hair women Arizonathinning hair women Arizona
SMP on thinning hair woman sidesSMP on thinning hair woman sides in Arizona




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