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Is Egg for Hair Good?

scalp micropigmentation SMP versus egg for hair growth

Eggs for hair are highly nutritious. They are an excellent source of biotin and protein necessary for hair growth. Does that mean you should join the egg bandwagon for hair growth? An egg mask is undoubtedly good for hair growth and luster. But eggs will not stimulate hair growth if your hair loss is due to a medical condition, disease, medicine side effect, chemotherapy, environmental stressors, stress, or genetic disorder.

Is an egg for hair a good idea?

Generally, if your hair loss is due to seasonal change or any other reason, you may try a yolk mask for hair growth. An egg rich in biotin will help strengthen your roots and repair your strands. Yes, eggs are great for your hair and scalp. Enriched with biotin, vitamins A, E, and folate, an egg is an excellent source of nourishment for hair.

Benefits Of Applying Egg Mask on Hair

1. Stimulates Hair Growth

Being an excellent source of nutrition, an egg is a wholesome nourishment for hair. It has a little bit of everything that strengthens hair and promotes healthy hair growth.

2. Fights Hair Loss

Egg protein can strengthen your strands and reduce hair breakage. The biotin in egg can stimulate the scalp and add that luster to your hair.

3. Improves Elasticity

Yolks are a particularly good form of nourishment for hair. They deeply condition your hair, nourish strands, improve elasticity, and fights split ends. Those who use eggs regularly on hair have healthy and shining hair.

4. Repairs Damage

Protein is critical to hair growth. If your diet lacks protein, you will likely suffer from hair loss. Adding an egg to your diet and an egg mask to your hair care regime can help heal damaged hair. If you have dull, dehydrated hair, an egg mask on your hair will breathe life into your tresses.

Egg for hair can help. So try to make eggs a part of your diet to nourish your body and hair. But if you are a vegan or suffering from hair loss due to the factors above, an egg may not come to your rescue.

No doubt, there are hair growth drugs, such as minoxidil, known to stimulate hair growth but they have side effects. You cannot depend on these drugs for hair growth as you must continue them for a lifetime. Once you stop using the medication, hair loss starts again.

What’s a safer alternative?

Scalp micropigmentation is one of the safest ways to camouflage hair loss and other scalp problems.

SMP is the process of pigmenting the scalp using a specialized ink meant for the scalp. The procedure helps mimic the appearance of hair follicles and creates the illusion of a fuller head of hair. It involves using tiny, layered dots in black, referred to as pointillism, to create depth and definition so that the result looks natural and realistic.

Unfortunately, many tattoo artists have started offering SMP Phoenix services. This is not good for the client or the art of scalp micropigmentation. It only brings a bad reputation to SMP as unskilled tattoo artists are not skilled or experienced to perform scalp micropigmentation, which is different from body art.

Find the Best SMP Artist

You need the services of a skilled Phoenix SMP practitioner who can ensure the dots look like natural follicles. They focus on creating a natural look by blending the SMP dots seamlessly with your complexion or surrounding natural hair.

So, if the idea of using an egg for hair growth does not interest you or you are not the right candidate for such a therapy, get in touch with scalp experts. If you are seriously looking for hair loss solution, DermiMatch Clinic can help. Get in touch with scalp practitioners at the clinic today.