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Non-Surgical Hair Loss Treatment Options

scalp micropigmentation SMP non-surgical hair loss treatment

No, hair loss is not a welcome sight. For some, it can be devastating, from affecting your self-esteem and confidence to ruining your personality. Luckily, you can still find hair restoration options to overcome hair loss fear. If you are looking for non-surgical hair loss treatment options, then there are a few here, including

  • Natural treatment
  • Cosmetic treatment
  • Prescription treatment

Natural Non-surgical hair loss treatment options


Regularly massaging your scalp is a good way to improve blood circulation to the scalp. This in turn increases blood flow to your hair follicles and supplies them with essential nutrients for growth.

But massage may be helpful only in normal cases of hair loss. If your hair loss is genetic, you cannot expect massage to do the trick of hair growth.


No doubt, proper nutrition is crucial for the growth and development of the body. The same is true for your hair. Maintaining a healthy diet is crucial to preventing hair loss and stimulating the growth of hair. Focus on a diet rich in protein, including fish, egg, beans, and legumes, to increase protein intake. Additionally, you should strive to ensure that you are not deficient in folic acid, iron, B vitamins, vitamins A, C, and zinc. Try to include omega-3 fatty acids in your diet to improve hair health.

Can a proper diet solve all hair loss problems?

Sadly, it cannot, especially if you are suffering from hair loss due to a medical condition, such as thyroid. Hair loss may also be triggered by certain medication side effects. Cancer treatment or chemotherapy can also cause severe hair loss.

Prescription treatments

Certain medications for hair loss are effective in stemming hair shedding. This includes Rogaine or Minoxidil, which can be rubbed directly on the scalp. The treatment is believed to reduce the rate of hair loss. it may even stimulate hair growth in some cases. However, there are certain side effects, including irritation and palpitation. However, the moment you stop the treatment, hair loss starts. Minoxidil does not work on baldness either.

Finasteride is another hair loss drug meant for men. Also known as Propecia, it can help in the reduction of hair loss. The drug does not suit baldness. Some of the side effects include a high risk of prostate cancer and a lower sex drive.

Cosmetic Treatment

Nowadays many cosmetic hair loss treatments are available.

Hair Concealers

Concealers are easy to apply on the scalp or hair. They are suitable for hair thinning and pattern baldness and are meant to make the hair appear fuller and thicker. Concealers are available as powders and creams. But they may need to be applied every time you want to step out. Although they are generally safe, there could be noticeable itching, irritation, allergy, and other side effects. Hair concealers do not look natural either.

Scalp Micropigmentation

SMP is a game-changer in the hair restoration industry. It does not have any significant side effects nor does it need to be applied every day. The best thing about scalp micropigmentation as a non-surgical hair loss treatment is that it is non-invasive and permanent. It is an effective treatment for scalp camouflage that works for thinning hair, receding hairline, hair loss, bald patches, and even scarring due to an injury or surgery.

The procedure involves the application of specially formulated pigments on the scalp. It is painless and requires touch-ups after a few years to revive the pigment. This is by far one of the best non-surgical hair loss treatment options available. However, the efficacy of the treatment depends a lot on the skills of the SMP practitioner. So you should not ignore the importance of finding a reliable scalp technician, who has the skills and expertise along with quality resources to do the job. DermiMatch Clinic experts are the best in the scalp micropigmentation Phoenix industry. Get in touch with the top Phoenix SMP practitioners today and get rid of your hair loss woes.