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Seasonal Hair Fall Tips

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Does weather change cause seasonal hair fall? Well, when seasons change, you are likely to suffer hair fall. Although seasonal hair loss is normal in hot weather and late fall, it might trigger the panic button to look at your hairbrush, which cries out that all is not well with your scalp. Extra shedding in different seasons hurts, but it should not be a cause for panic.

In fact, sometimes the hair shedding spree continues for a long time long after the weather change. If you are suffering from hair fall due to changing weather, then you are surely looking for ways to revive your hair growth. You might lose more hair with a change in weather. When things don’t work out in your favor, you might look for a permanent solution to hair loss. Scalp micropigmentation is one such hair restoration procedure that can come in handy. Let’s see how.

Why Does Sesaonal Hair Fall Occur?

Which weather change causes more hair fall? Well, hair shedding is primarily excessive in the hot rainy season and chilling winters. The cold season causes hair loss due to moisture loss in the scalp. Dry air sucks out moisture from the scalp, resulting in a dry scalp. This results in dry hair, which is prone to breakage and hair fall. Additionally, the use of a hairdryer could worsen the situation and cause more hair shedding than normal.

There are some home remedies to reduce the shedding of hair and seasonal hair fall.

Oil massage

Massage your scalp in the winter. This will moisturize your hair, strengthen the roots, provide nutrients to the scalp, and help rein in hair shedding.  It is extremely relaxing to massage your hair. This will further help with oxygen and blood flow to the site, helping stimulate.

Focus on nutrition

A nutritious diet rich in vitamins and minerals can do wonders to your hair. This can help nourish your scalp from within and make it strong enough to fight the winter blues. Your hair needs protein for healthy growth. Add more protein to your diet to supply the scalp with nutrients to strengthen roots and stem hair shedding.

Remain stress-free

Practice meditation and stress-relieving techniques to manage stress and anxiety, which are often responsible for sesaonal hair loss.

Use a hair mask

Focus on scalp hydration even during the cold season. An occasional hair mask might work wonders for your scalp, prevent drying, and give your hair the strength to control breakage. Doing these things can make your hair seem a little more voluminous and if you do not make this it will make your hair flat, dull and lifeless by default in the winter season.

Scalp micropigmentation

If none of the aforementioned hair regrowth tips works, then you might want to look for a permanent hair restoration solution. Scalp micropigmentation is one such technique to hide some imperfections on your scalp, such as bald patches, thinning hair, receding hairline, and scars. You might be surprised to see how the best SMP practitioner can help transform those imperfections into a look of a fuller head of hair.

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