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Can I Wear a Hat After SMP?

wear a hat after scalp micropigmentation SMP

When you are planning scalp micropigmentation, you might wonder, “Can I wear a hat after SMP?” the answer is simply yes. There is no reason you cannot wear your favorite hat after the procedure. However, you want to make sure that it is completely sanitized before it kisses your head after SMP. Remember, hats could be a breeding ground for bacteria due to sweat. If you wear a dirty hat after the procedure, you could be inviting the danger of infection from germs and bacteria hiding beneath it. Your scalp is still healing following SMP so you do not want to infect your scabs with germs if you put on a dirty hat. A clean hat is a good headgear to wear to protect your scalp from exposure to ultraviolet radiation after the first appointment.

Can I wear a hat after treatment?

Are you worried about the hat rubbing your scalp and removing the scabs? You can wear a loose-fitting, soft hat that does not rub against the newly pigmented scalp to protect it from any damage whatsoever. Your SMP is an open wound immediately after the procedure. It needs some recovery time.

Luckily, once healed, scalp micropigmentation is difficult to remove. In fact, wearing a clean hat is a good SMP aftercare practice to protect your scalp micropigmentation from the sun.

However, you may want to remove it every few minutes to let the air pass through. The idea is to protect it from sweat, which may ruin your freshly pigmented head.

You want to wear a hat when you step out in the sun. This should help you maintain your SMP long-term.

All in all, there is no need to constantly wear a hat after the procedure to cover up hair loss. Scalp micropigmentation is an effective hair restoration solution to camouflage hair loss, scars, receding hairline, or thinning hair.

Don’t wear a tight hat after SMP

You want to make sure that you don’t wear a tight hat that creates a lot of friction. Although it might not damage your scalp micropigmentation, it can damage your natural follicles. Ultimately, this could affect others around them. This is especially true if you aim for hair growth. So make sure your hat fits in a way that you can sneak in 1 finger comfortably. You want to make sure there is enough room for your scalp to breathe. Make sure there are no healing problems in the initial stages. At this time, it is like an open wound.

A soft, loose, and comfortable hat after SMP will not irritate the skin when it is healing. This is one of the most important SMP aftercare tips that you want to remind yourself time and again. Once the procedure has healed, feel free to choose another hat that sets a style statement.

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