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SMP Aftercare for Density Treatments

scalp micropigmentation SMP for density

So you have decided to undergo scalp micropigmentation for thinning hair and wondering if you need SMP aftercare for your density treatment. Well, it is important to treat your SMP as an open wound and ensure utmost hygiene and care. You should not make it wet and avoid sauna, steam, chlorinated pools, and tanning beds after treatment. Good SMP aftercare for density treatment will ensure a long-lasting result.

SMP Aftercare After 4 Hours

Good aftercare begins with washing the head 4 hours after SMP to remove the residual ink from the scalp.  Avoid using chemicals and hot water. Instead, use cool water for the purpose. Blow dry the hair after washing. Again, avoid using hot air. 

0-5 Days

The first 5 days are crucial. There are dos and don’ts to follow:

Sweating heavily – The goal is to avoid any rigorous exercise for 5 days. Excessive sweating could affect the healing process.

Shaving – Shaving might irritate the scalp skin when it’s healing.

Scrubbing and shampooing – You want to avoid any activity that can break open the skin and wounds. Remember, your scalp is still healing so be gentle and avoid touching. Use gentle shampoo after Even shampooing may introduce harsh chemicals. DermMicro aftercare kit includes a naturally formulated cleanse shampoo that you may start using a week after the final session. Now onward washing your head is crucial every 2-3 days.

Sun exposure – Ultraviolet rays can cause sunburn and damage the skin, causing premature fading of the pigment.

Touching– Avoid the temptation to touch the scalp with bare hands as this may introduce bacteria into the skin.

5th-10th Day

Now your scalp is healing nicely. But since it has not healed completely, follow your SMP aftercare protocol for density treatment. Now your focus should be to avoid:

  • Shampooing or exfoliating
  • Scratching the scalp
  • Using skin irritants that may cause inflammation

SMP Aftercare: 10th-30th Day

Now you can expect your scalp healing to be faster after 10 days. Healing will decide the next session. The scalp artist may ask you to wash your head before the follow-up session. So watch their SMP care instructions carefully.

Wear a loosely fitted hat when you step out in the sunlight to protect your scalp from exposure to ultraviolet rays so your natural pigment can do its job.

A month after the treatment session, your scalp will thank you for taking care of it religiously all through these 30 days. Now feel free to start your normal routine of hitting the gym or entering the waters. Enjoy bathing in the sun while still wearing a light-colored hat so that dangerous UV rays do not damage the pigment.

Where To Find Best Scalp Artist?

Now that you are ready for scalp micropigmentation and have all the SMP aftercare tips with you, it’s time to step into the world with confidence. Find the best scalp practitioner in Arizona and trust them for giving you the look you desire. Invest in the top-quality scalp aftercare kit available at DermMicro and you are almost ready to set a new trend.