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Do Hair Growth Vitamins Work?

scalp micropigmentation smp for vitamin deficiency and hair loss

That bald spot on your scalp seems to be getting bigger. Now it’s drawing attention. You don’t know how to hide that either nor do you know how to treat the condition. Of course, there are several hair growth vitamins out there. But do they actually work? Well, they may work if you have a vitamin deficiency that is at the root of the problem. on the other hand, if hair loss is caused by other factors, vitamin supplementation may not help.

What’s the buzz about hair growth vitamins?

Anyone with hair loss is bound to feel demotivated and low in self-esteem. Of course, you don’t want to lose your confidence due to hair loss or a receding hairline as you feel it ruins your personality. Then you start to explore the market for all things hair growth-friendly. This includes hair growth vitamins and supplements.

Should you be skeptical about these supplements or simply trust them blindly and start popping a pill every day to get your hair glory back? Well, it’s not that simple to grow your hair back, especially if hair loss is not caused by nutritional deficiency. There are numerous reasons for hair loss apart from vitamin deficiency, including genetics, medical condition, cancer treatment, stress, and environmental pollutants.

Unless you are deficient in vitamins, you should be wary of taking them and not make them a part of your dietary regime.

Besides, no research reports definitively back vitamin supplementation for hair growth. Some vitamin supplements may help restore hair shine, that too, if your hair loss cause is a vitamin deficiency. Unfortunately, supplementation may not improve hair growth unless there is a deficiency. Many hair loss supplements are not formulated to treat male pattern baldness.

Which Vitamins Are Good for Hair Growth?

Vitamin E, C, and B like biotin support hair health. Vitamin A is considered essential for scalp health that reduces hair breakage. But overdoing Vitamin A can have an adverse effect on hair health. Excess vitamin A is stored in the liver, which controls dispersal.  You don’t want to flood your system with a lot of vitamin A and cause problems for the organ.

Vitamin C is good for hair growth as it helps with collagen production. It plays an essential role in iron absorption from the diet. Besides, if you lack vitamin D, you are prone to hair loss, among several health conditions. The sunshine vitamin helps in the regulation of hair growth and shedding. Vitamin E is crucial to prevent oxidative stress that might help prevent hair loss.

If you are deficient in iron, you may suffer from hair loss. The same goes for Omega-3s. maintaining your omega 3:6 balance is important to prevent inflammation, promote scalp circulation, and reduce hair loss. when you are counting hair growth vitamins, you cannot ignore zinc, which is critical for tissue growth and repair.

However, these vitamin supplements will help with hair loss if you lack these vitamins or are deficient in them. Supplementing your diet with vitamins unnecessarily may not help your problem.

So what should you do instead?

Welcome SMP

When hair growth vitamins are not a solution to your problem, scalp micropigmentation in Phoenix might offer relief. It is a cosmetic procedure to hide scalp problems, such as receding hairline, scarring, thinning hair, alopecia, and hair loss.

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