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Hair Loss and Dry Scalp

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Is there a connection between hair loss and dry scalp? Can you see a visible scalp in the mirror? Are you experiencing excessive hair shedding? Well, a majority of men and women experience the same. But not everyone knows that a dry scalp can cause hair loss.

The Hair Loss and Dry Scalp Connection

Well, genetics are not the only cause of hair loss. In fact, there are numerous causes of hair loss, from aging to illness, medication, hormonal imbalance, stress, and lack of hair care.


As you get older, hair thinning starts as follicles slow production, and there is no further or slowed hair growth. This is quite natural and you cannot do much about it. Of course, you can still hide those scalp flaws with scalp micropigmentation. It is a minimally invasive procedure for scalp problems.


Hair loss may result from illness or disease. For example, when someone suffers from an auto-immune disorder, their immune system starts to attack hair follicles. As a result, hair falls.


If you remain stressed, you may suffer from hair loss. The reason is that stress can result in hormonal imbalance, which may further disturb growth of hair. This can further push follicles into a resting phase.

Hair loss and dry scalp

A healthy scalp is more productive in terms of hair growth. On the other hand, dry scalp can contribute to hair loss. Your scalp may become dry due to hair products, chemicals, seasonal changes, frequent washing, psoriasis, and scalp infections.

How to identify signs of a dry scalp?

 Look for signs of dryness. Some of the common signs of dryness include irritation, itching, and dandruff.

Treatment for dry scalp

Keep your scalp healthy, clean, and moisturized. Avoid chemical treatments and cosmetic products that dry out your scalp.

SMP for Dry Scalp and Hair Loss

If you are suffering from a dry scalp and hair loss and are not able to correct the problem, then you may go for a hair transplant. But a transplant is invasive and takes longer to recover. On the other hand, if you choose to tattoo your scalp with micropigmentation, you can enjoy the desired results within a short period of time without having to wait longer for recovery. SMP creates the look of a fuller-looking hair as the scalp artists injects pigment into your dermis layer, without going too deep. Scalp micropigmentation uses microneedles and remains less invasive and least painful too.

Now you don’t have to suffer from bad hair days once you go for scalp micropigmentation. Top scalp artists in Phoenix, Arizona, have the skills and experience to create the look of fullness on your scalp. Connect with the best SMP practitioners in DermiMatch today and get started with your dry scalp treatment. SMP is permanent and you need not wait for the results, especially if you follow all SMP aftercare tips.