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Hair Transplant Risks: Why Avoid Surgery?

scalp micropigmentation SMP vs hair transplant

Hair transplant risks are aplenty. If you plan to go under the knife for hair restoration, think again. Let’s be frank, transplants are expensive. Who knows whether a hair transplant will work for you? There’s no guarantee that the procedure will work 100%. No doubt, numerous success stories are there to attract you to the procedure. But there are some serious side effects that you deserve to be forewarned about.

Hair transplant risk 1

Being a surgical procedure, hair transplants are painful. They go deep inside the scalp which can be extremely painful. No doubt, the procedure time may be a happy ride. But the recovery process is a tough task. You have to undergo a lot of pain because it is after all an invasive procedure that has left you with incisions. Besides, you may have to wear a headband for some days. The surgeon might caution you against engaging in strenuous activities and intense workouts.

Hair transplant risk 2

If you are ready to bear the pain, then there are hair transplant scars to deal with too. You are almost likely to witness scars at the site of the surgery. The scar will continue to remind you of the procedure you have undergone. It might look unsightly too.

Risk 3

Worst still, there’s no guarantee of hair growth. Besides, nobody can guarantee that hair loss won’t return. What does that mean? Well, you may have to go through the whole painful experience once again. Unfortunately, the cycle of disappointments could be never-ending. On top of it, you will regret having taken all the pain for a procedure that proved no good.

Surgery risk 4

It’s expensive. The procedure is not cheap at all. Rather, it is one of the most expensive hair restoration procedures out there.

Risk 5

One of the long-term side effects of the procedure is that it may cause loosening of the skin. As a result, you may still experience hair loss or baldness. Additionally, with a surgical procedure comes the risk of infection. There is a serious risk that requires you to be extra careful with aftercare during the recovery period. You want to avoid all kinds of potential complications and risks of surgery.

Hair Transplant vs Scalp Micropigmentation

As far as SMP is concerned, it is a relatively safer and less expensive procedure than a hair transplant.  The potential for side effects is less. In fact, you may experience slight itching or redness for a couple of days, which is of course natural. You should not worry about it.

Thanks to its effectiveness as a hair restoration procedure, Phoenix SMP is fast growing hair loss solution, which does not bring back your hair growth or stop hair fall. But it works differently and instead hides all of your scalp problems underneath pigmented dots that replicate hair follicles. That means you will look youthful and as having a full head of hair for a fraction of the cost of a transplant. As far as hair transplant risks are concerned, SMP poses no major risks. The benefits outweigh SMP risks.

But the procedure is effective only when a skilled Phoenix SMP practitioner works on the project. Inexperienced, unskilled, and untrained tattoo artists are not the best persons for the SMP project. Find the top talent at DermiMatch Clinic in Phoenix and get rid of your hair loss woes.