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How Sun Exposure Affects SMP?

scalp micropigmentation SMP and sun exposure dangers

Any SMP professional would never forget to remind clients of the need to avoid prolonged sun exposure after the procedure. They would tell you how it can be harmful to not only your skin but also the scalp pigment. The best scalp artists recommend using UV protection to prevent direct sun exposure to the ink. Any exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays can cause fading of the pigment. So protecting your new hairline from the sun can prolong SMP results.

Why To Avoid Direct Sun Exposure?

In the worst scenario, you could end up fading your newly inked scalp micropigmentation. Exposing your scalp to the sun’s rays can accelerate the fading of your treatment. It might help to invest in a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 that can preserve your new hairline. The goal is to block the maximum impact of ultraviolet rays.

What If You Don’t Protect Your Scalp?

The worst will happen and you can do nothing about it. Without sun protection, your scalp micropigmentation will fade faster. Or you may need frequent touch-ups to keep it dense and natural. Of course, this would add up to your cost, and you don’t want that.

By following a few simple SMP aftercare tips, you can keep your SMP fresh and healthy. Ideally, scalp micropigmentation is a long-lasting treatment that lasts for years without fading, if you keep the risk from solar rays at bay. Without solar protection, your worst fears of SMP fading under the impact of sun exposure will become reality pretty quickly, leaving you with a faded scalp micropigmentation treatment that looks fake, blotchy, and uneven.

What To Use To Prevent Sun Exposure?

Reach out to moisturizers formulated without chemicals that promise to provide lasting hydration, preventing the scalp from going dry and flaky. When it comes to looking for scalp care products, your SMP professional should recommend the best that work.

You don’t want to use soap on your newly inked scalp that can strip natural oils from the skin, leaving it dry. Moisturizing your scalp before hitting the bed is recommended to prevent waking up with a flaky scalp. Remember, the dried scalp is vulnerable to SMP fading. Avoid using alcohol-containing creams and moisturizers that can negatively affect the pigment.

Additionally, scrubbing the scalp can accelerate fading. You may want to avoid any activity that results in excessive sweating. This includes basking in the sun, saunas, and steam baths. You don’t want to hit the swimming pool as well. Not only this, you should avoid smoking or vaping.

Long-Term Care for SMP

Scalp micropigmentation is your dream long-term hair restoration solution to hair loss problems. When you do everything to protect your scalp from solar exposure and other hazards that can cause fading of the SMP initially, you can enjoy a fuller, thicker head of hair.

Using a good sunscreen with an SPF of 30 is recommended to preserve the color of the ink and keep it looking fresh. You may want to exfoliate your scalp regularly to remove dead skin cells. It will also help maintain the pigment color for a long time.

While SMP aftercare is crucial to protecting your scalp micropigmentation treatment, the first important step is to consult with the best scalp artist in Scottsdale. DermiMatch Clinic has a team of top scalp artists in Scottsdale, who have the expertise and skills to create the best SMP experience for clients. Get in touch with them today.