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How to Start Growing Hair After Chemotherapy

scalp micropigmentation SMP for loss of hair after chemotherapy

No doubt, cancer treatment is rigorous and invasive, it is a necessary evil for cancer patients and gives them hope for recovery. While you have to deal with physical pain, you must endure the stress of losing hair after chemotherapy. Cancer therapy takes a toll on your body and it’s your hair that suffers first because the body’s energies are channelized at fighting the life-threatening illness. Luckily, chemotherapy hair loss is temporary. That means the fallen hair will grow back after the treatment when the body starts to return to normal.

How to deal with Loss of hair after chemotherapy?

Of course, you can pick a wig hairstyle that attracts you. No, wearing a wig does not prevent hair growth. You may don a wig after chemotherapy if you want to cover baldness and maintain the look of a full head of hair. Your hair will start growing when the treatment is over.

Does biotin help hair growth after chemo?

Biotin is known as a hair growth supplement. But taking biotin supplements after chemotherapy may not have quick results. Your body is quite weak after the treatment, and the system starts to focus on recovery of the most crucial processes initially. Hair growth comes later. Of course, several other side effects of cancer treatment may keep showing up now and then. So your onus is to first strengthen the body.

What helps the growth of hair after chemotherapy?

Now if you cannot wait for the treatment completion and are not comfortable wearing a hair system, you are probably looking for safe and more effective hair restoration solutions.

Avoid chemical dyes, hair dryers, or bleach on your hair during the first six months of the treatment. Give your body adequate time to return to the new normal. Accordingly, you should learn to adjust to the new you. Hair growth after chemo should start after a few months. But it might not be as expected. For some persons who had straight hair before treatment, chemo curls become the new reality. In some cases, the hair might return to its previous texture or color. 

Should you pop hair growth pills?

Your body has already been through rigorous treatment and harsh medications. You don’t want to expose yourself to more pills that promise hair growth. Unfortunately, such hair growth medications do not work for everyone and could have some serious side effects too.

What are other hair restoration options?

Now you want to explore a safe and long-lasting solution that helps bring your self-confidence back. Luckily, scalp micropigmentation is a safe and permanent solution for hair loss. No, it is not aimed at reviving hair growth but hiding those scalp problems that might have popped up after the cancer treatment.

SMP practitioners know how to cover bald patches caused by chemotherapy. DermiMatch Clinic SMP professionals in Scottsdale can help you get your self-confidence back with their scalp micropigmentation skills and expertise. They use the best SMP tools to help chemotherapy patients smile again.