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Is Green Tea for Hair Good?

scalp micropigmentation SMP green tea and hair loss

Does green tea for hair work? Is it good for hair growth? Well, it is known to support hair health. There are numerous compounds in green tea that seem to encourage hair growth. This includes selenium, zinc, tocopherols, carotenoids, and ascorbic acid. These compounds promote hair growth and prevent damage to hair cells. But there is another side of the story too.

That means green tea does not work all the time for everyone.  When the root cause of hair loss is different and not a deficiency of certain nutrients, you cannot cure the problem with green tea. It may only work in normal cases where you suffer from a certain nutritional or vitamin deficiency and making a lifestyle adjustment can help.

Does Green Tea for Hair Work?

Male pattern baldness is one of the worst types of hair loss problems that does not seem to have a cure. However, when you can do nothing about it, there is still hope in scalp micropigmentation, which may not help stimulate hair growth. But you can surely use the hair restoration procedure to cover scalp problems, including bald patches.  What’s more, with SMP, you can enjoy a youthful appearance too!

Then what about green tea for hair?

Since tea retains most of its nutrients, it is good for hair growth, particularly catechins that help with hair health. When hair is exposed to ultraviolet rays and environmental pollutants, they are vulnerable to breakage. By including green tea in your dietary regime, you can strengthen your body’s defenses against the harmful effects of UV radiation and pollution in the air.

In fact, what makes tea particularly good for hair is its EGCG, which acts as a natural DHT blocker. People with pattern baldness might benefit from green tea for hair loss if they make it a part of their dietary routine for years. It might not show overnight results, and you may have to wait for months to years to see if green tea is doing its magic. Can you wait so long for this experiment to show effect? Food for thought!

Can Green Tea Regrow Hair?

Some claim that tea might improve endothelial blood flow to increase the supply of nutrients to follicles. If your hair loss is caused by nutrient deficiency, including tea in your lifestyle might be a good idea to prevent hair shedding. Unless the exact cause of the problem of hair loss is addressed, you cannot claim that green tea for hair is a good option to support hair health.

Besides, too much green tea can cause all sorts of health problems. Anxiety, sleeplessness, insomnia, irritability, and tremors are some of the side effects.

So what’s the better and safer way?

How can you restore your old charm? Welcome scalp micropigmentation. The non-surgical procedure is meant to deliver natural pigment into your scalp by creating mini dots that resemble hair follicles. To create these dots, scalp artists use specialized needles and pens. In fact, the pigments used are also meant for SMP. No tattoo inks work for scalp micropigmentation nor do the tattoo gun and needles.

Choose a trusted Scottsdale SMP technician to get the best work done. Skilled and experienced scalp artists can deliver the best solution to your hair loss woe. Get help at DermiMatch Clinic today if you, too, are unsure about the benefits of green tea for hair growth.