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What is the Best Solution for Hair Loss?

scalp micropigmentation SMP for hair loss

Are you looking for the best solution for hair loss woes? No doubt, hair loss is one of the worst experiences for men and women. You seek the best hair loss treatment that can help you regain confidence so you can walk with pride once again. If you have tried a few hair restoration solutions and not benefited, scalp micropigmentation might be a good option.

Is SMP Best Solution for Hair Loss?

SMP involves injecting pigment directly into the scalp, especially in areas that need attention. It aims to mimic hair follicles to give the appearance of a fuller and thicker scalp. The scalp artist chooses a little darker color of pigment than the actual hair to create a 3D and textured look. The final look is worth it. The world might notice that you look more youthful but they cannot figure out the secret.

How Is SMP Different From A Tattoo?

Is scalp micropigmentation the same as a tattoo? While the procedure involves injecting ink into the skin just like a tattoo, it is way different from traditional inking.  SMP uses specialized tattoo equipment to inject the pigment into the epidermis layer of the scalp. The tool is different from a tattoo gun. In fact, SMP uses microneedles whereas a tattoo works best with thicker needles. A tattoo artist injects the ink deeper into the skin. But a scalp practitioner is well-trained to inject pigment into the top level of the second layer, ensuring that it does not go deeper than this, where there is a risk of blurring or migration of the pigment.

However, as anyone who has gotten a traditional tattoo can tell you, that’s where the similarities end. Most “real” tattoos use thicker needles to inject the ink far deeper into the skin. The fact that this ink is not injected deeply into your scalp is one of the reasons that you’ll eventually need to come back for additional pigmentation.

Is SMP Better Solution for Hair Loss Than Hair Transplants?

The non-invasive procedure is less invasive and quicker than a hair transplant procedure. The latter is costlier than the former and also involves a longer recovery period. Scalp micropigmentation has a shorter recovery time, though SMP requires multiple sessions. The procedure is relatively painless and less annoying than a hair transplant. You may experience mild discomfort during the procedure, and with a little aftercare, the phase passes without too much of a problem.

Both are permanent procedures, though there is no guarantee that they will stimulate hair growth or stem hair fall. SMP looks more realistic and gives you a youthful look.  In fact, those with thinning hair, scalp scar or baldness due to hereditary reasons, hormonal imbalance, or chemotherapy can benefit from SMP as an effective solution for hair loss.

But to get guaranteed realistic results from scalp micropigmentation, you need a skilled scalp artist in Phoenix. Professional SMP experts in Phoenix are available at DermiMatch Clinic, who can transform the look of your scalp and give you the results you aim for.