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Adding Complection Correction To Your SMP Practice

What is Completion Correction (CC)? CC is a thick skin tone pigment originally used to cover dark spots or irregularities in the skin. Dermimatch Hair Clinic realized that this product was extremely effective fixing bad previous work on clients. It’s also a great way to reduce the appearance of the stubborn pigment left over after laser removal. 

If done correctly, SMP can be removed in about one laser session but some deeper impressions may stick around. CC is a great tool to take these darker spots down. 

You can be the best SMP artist in the world but you are putting thousands of impressions in the skin of varying depth. You will have a few impressions that may need to be blended and reduced. 

Before CC, your option was to add more pigments around the area to help blend. We all know ” more is not always better”. 

Using CC to reduce impressions with a blending technique can create a great medium of blending. 

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