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Are Hair Plugs and Implants A Better Hair Loss Treatment?

scalp micropigmentation smp for hair loss

Looking for the right hair loss treatment? Well, hair loss is a part of aging. But when that happens before age, it is one of the worst experiences for men and women. Hair loss might be caused by a number of factors. Your genetics might be one of the factors, or even hormonal disturbances could trigger scalp problems. In some men and women, an underlying medical condition is at the root of hair loss. But for some, food, lifestyle, stress, and environment are the causative factors. So what is the right hair loss treatment? Are hair plugs and implants worthy?

What is the Right Hair Loss Treatment?

Hair plugs, implants, or transplants are touted to be a potent treatment for hair loss. But is it worth going under the knife? Or is there a better alternative, which is relatively safer, less painful, and promises a quicker recovery?

A hair transplant is a surgical procedure that promises to cover hair loss. But there are some major concerns about hair implants that need to be addressed.

Cost of Hair Loss Treatment

Hair transplant comes at a high price. The treatment is costly and not everyone can afford it. Many doctors charge between $4 and $6 for implanting every single hair. The total cost just blows out of proportion.


It has a long recovery period. The risk of infection is real. Due to the downtime, you are unable to step out for social gatherings as your scalp is still healing. It takes a long time before you can get back to life as usual. Besides, since it is a surgical procedure, the treatment might cause a lot of pain. That means you may need to pop painkillers and anesthetics to keep the pain away.

Area of Coverage

There are two ways a hair transplant procedure is performed – FUT and FUE. FUT involves removing a strip of the skin from the back of the scalp. When the strip is removed, it leaves a scar behind.

FUE is the least invasive of the two methods of harvesting hairs. The technique uses a circular tool that extracts follicles individually. There is no risk of scarring with the FUE method. Now you might wonder if you should choose FUE over FUT. Here it is important to consider the area of coverage necessary. On the Norwood scale, if your level of balding falls beyond 4, you are not the right candidate for a hair transplant.

Is Scalp Micropigmentation A Better Hair Loss Treatment?

Now that we have learned about the pros and cons of a hair transplant, you might be wondering if there is an alternative procedure. Well, SMP promises to be a permanent and non-invasive hair loss treatment that uses pigment to stimulate follicles.

A skilled SMP practitioner can meticulously restore a balding site with density. You can expect the look of a fuller, thicker, and more youthful head of hair.


SMP comes at a fraction of the cost of a transplant.


You need to follow a few SMP aftercare steps and you are good to go. Scalp micropigmentation does not have downtime. Protecting your scalp from ultraviolet rays is a must during the healing period. Besides, there are a few SMP maintenance tips to follow to ensure proper healing and get the best outcome.

In addition to this, the procedure is not painful at all. However, it might cause some amount of discomfort for a few clients with sensitive skin. Luckily, top SMP practitioners use the best numbing creams to numb the area before the procedure. The idea is to make it a painless and enjoyable experience for clients.

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