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Covid-19 and Hair Loss: What’s the Link?

scalp micropigmentation SMP for covid-19 hair loss

Covid-19 was a reality that destroyed numerous lives and brought life to a standstill. Covid-19 and hair loss is also a reality that has kept many wondering about the connection between both. While you are aware of Covid-19 symptoms, hair loss is also correlated with coronavirus. Now if you are experiencing hair shedding all of a sudden, that does not mean it is due to Covid-19. However, you ought to find out the root cause of the problem though.

The Relationship Between Covid-19 and Hair Loss

According to a survey, 27% of COVID-19 patients reported a sudden increase in hair loss during the recovery phase. True that COVID-19 is one of the causative factors of hair shedding, but it doesn’t mean that everyone will experience that. It results in telogen effluvium, which is a form of temporary hair loss that is frighteningly rapid.

When a person passes through this phase, follicles tend to skip their natural stages of growth. As a result, they rush into the telogen phase. That means they are in the resting phase, which prevents hair growth even as hair shedding continues rapidly. A person in the telogen phase experiences extreme shedding of hair as the body focuses its energy on other essential tasks of recovery.

Covid-19 hair loss is a sign of recovery rather than sickness. It is an indication that you are in the recovery phase of coronavirus.

Pattern Baldness and Covid-19

Anyone with pattern baldness is likely to suffer extreme hair shedding from COVID-19. Research finds that men with androgenetic alopecia are more vulnerable to severe coronavirus than others.

Hair loss may be triggered by several causes, not just COVID-19. You could lose more hair due to a medication side effect, nutrient deficiency, thyroid, hormonal imbalance, or emotional and environmental stress.

Unlocking the COVID-19 and hair loss Connection

You are surely wondering how to treat coronavirus-induced hair loss. well, first, this type of hair loss is temporary and resolves within a period of six months for most people. Now you are keen to overcome this phase quickly. So first, you may want to learn how to manage stress. That might help speed up the process. 

Improving your diet and adding more nutrition might help. Getting regular exercise is also important.  Besides, it is critically important to learn stress management techniques.

There are several medications for hair loss. But they all come with a range of side effects. There is no guarantee they will work for all persons struggling with hair loss.

Does SMP Help?

So what is the way out? How can you treat hair loss?

Well, there is no one-stop fix for everyone. But there is one hair restoration technique that works for everyone, provided you consult with SMP professionals regarding your hair loss problem.

Scalp micropigmentation can transform your hair loss journey into a pleasant experience. Whether you are struggling with COVID-19 and hair loss or hair shedding for other reasons, SMP in Arizona offers a permanent solution to the problem. Get in touch with Arizona SMP experts at DermiMatch Clinic to find the right solution to your hair-shedding problem.