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Creatine and hair loss

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Hair loss hurts men and women alike. A receding hairline or rapid hair shedding may affect your self-esteem and confidence too. What is the connection between creatine and hair loss? Does creatine cause hair loss? Well, let’s explore this further.

Creatine and Hair Loss: The Connection

 Creatine is touted to be the best physical fitness supplement. Can it have a serious effect on hair growth? Does taking creatine cause hair loss? Creatine doesn’t slow down hair growth directly. However, it may have an effect on hormone levels. When hormones are disturbed, it may result in hair shedding or hair thinning. Some could even suffer from extreme hair fall and complete baldness.

Excessive intake of creatine can cause a hormonal disturbance, resulting in the conversion of testosterone into DHT. A gradual and constant rise in DHT affects hair growth and shortens the life cycle of follicles, resulting in rapid loss of hair and male pattern baldness.  

Excessive use of creatine monohydrate indirectly induces hair loss. The supplement is often used for muscle growth and better performance.

Creatine Side Effects

Creatine can cause a series of problems, including hair loss. It may even cause water retention or dehydration. An athlete may even experience frequent muscle cramps. High creatine intake can cause depression and anxiety, resulting in mood swings and low self-esteem.

Can creatine hair loss be reversed?

If you think creatine and hair loss are connected in your case, then it might help to exclude the supplement from your diet. As a result, the hormone levels will gradually be restored. So your hair can grow back. But if creatine is not the only cause, then it might be tough to reverse hair loss.

So what is the way out?

Change your diet

It might help to focus on including more protein, iron, zinc, vitamin A and C, omega 3, and B12 in your diet for hair growth. Biotin helps stimulate hair growth, being a B-complex vitamin. It helps block DHT and strengthen follicles. Vitamin C helps iron absorption and plays a key role in controlling the production of collagen.‍ Amino acid supplementation might help men with rapid hair loss. They are responsible for carrying sulfur to follicles, which helps in the circulation of blood. Diet can help with hair growth and prevent hair loss.

However, it is a long process. Dietary changes do not show any favorable results overnight. You need a lot of time for your diet and lifestyle adjustments to work. Sadly, nobody has the patience to wait for so long, especially as the world pays a lot of importance to looks and personality. Creatine may or may not be the cause of your problem, but if you cannot wait for results to show up, there is a hair restoration solution that works quickly.

If you are scared by the bald patches on your head or a rapid hair loss is threatening your overall look, then all of your concerns are over now because scalp micropigmentation has got you covered.

The SMP Advantage

Scalp Micropigmentation is a permanent solution for hair loss. It creates the impression of hair follicles. SMP in Arizona is trending as a solution to hair problems. The best scalp artists are helping men and women get back their confidence by creating a look they desire. The non-invasive treatment helps people with thinning hair, scars, receding hairline, bald patches, and hair loss. If you are wondering about the creatine and hair loss connection or looking for the best way to recreate your dream look, scalp micropigmentation can help. Consult with DermiMatch SMP experts in Arizona today.