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Does SMP Look Good After SMP Session One?

scalp micropigmentation SMP sessions

Wondering how your treatment looks after SMP session one? Scalp micropigmentation is a scalp camouflage technique that often involves 2-3 sessions, depending on the client’s requirements, scalp condition, and the technician’s skills. The treatment follows a few steps. Best results often require 3 sessions, and a scalp professional will clarify this during the consultation after taking the client’s scalp condition and preferences into consideration.

SMP Session one

The client asks all their doubts about the procedure, and the SMP practitioner answers them to dispel their doubts and allay their fears about the procedure.

It all begins with hair trimming up to the optimal length for the procedure, depending on what a client is looking for. The technician pays careful attention to placement and design. Then, the scalp is cleaned so it is ready for the first session. It is a painless procedure, and many clients do not even feel any discomfort during the treatment session.

However, some others with sensitive scalp or skin may experience a kind of slight discomfort while the SMP practitioner works on their scalp.

Since SMP uses microneedles, the procedure is completely pain-free, and there is hardly any blood loss, especially when the best SMP products are used.

But if a client experiences discomfort during the session, top scalp professionals use a numbing solution to numb the area. This makes the whole session a pleasant experience for clients.

Usually, after the first session, there may not be a lot of difference in the scalp as SMP professionals believe in starting with a lighter shade, which keeps getting darker with each session. The treatment session involves creating microdots and filling them with pigment.

The Final Look

The complete transformation will be apparent only after the treatment is complete, though things will become better with each session. There could be some redness, but it will subside within a few hours. If a client is curiously waiting to see the results immediately after the treatment is over, a scalp technician uses redness remover.

The effective formulation removes redness for a few minutes, but it is enough for the client to check how their scalp might appear after the redness goes away naturally.

SMP aftercare begins right after the first session. It is crucial for SMP clients to focus on their aftercare and recovery for long-lasting results.

No doubt, clients begin to feel excited as the treatment progresses, and their dreams take the shape of reality and become evident. With each session, the scalp looks fuller, giving you the much-needed confidence that you might have lost after your hair loss experience.

Now you are ready to enjoy life as usual without the fear of a bald scalp staring at you. While the treatment is over, you may need a touch-up or two sometime later to fortify the treatment or if any area needs attention.

Get Help NOW

All in all, touch-ups are needed only after a few years of the treatment, especially if you got the treatment at a professional and reputable SMP clinic in Arizona. DermiMatch Clinic in Arizona has earned a reputation for its team of SMP experts, who have delivered excellent results every single time a client walks into the office for treatment.

What are you waiting for? Get help for hair loss today. Our scalp experts can help you with not only SMP session one but all through the treatment.