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SMP Concerns: To Ink or not

scalp micropigmentation SMP looks real

Scalp Micropigmentation is touted to be an excellent hair restoration and scalp camouflage option for those experiencing hair loss. But people do have concerns about the treatment and wonder whether to ink or not. Let’s explore these common concerns and find if you should go for scalp micropigmentation.

Does SMP Look Real?

Some people question the naturalness of post-SMP appearance. Their biggest SMP concern is the appearance after treatment. They wonder if the treatment looks real or fake. The goal is to create the appearance of hair growth to take away attention from hair loss and other scalp problems.

The best scalp artist uses the latest techniques and quality pigments so the results look natural. Color matching is another area of concern. An expert SMP practitioner will try to match the ink to the hair color so that it looks natural and not a colored patchwork. There are different pigments to cater to different hair and skin colors.

Technicians must match the ink to the hair color. After all, you wouldn’t want different colored patches on your head. The pigment is matched with the color and skin tone of clients.

Another area of SMP concern is the longevity of the procedure. Some people doubt that SMP is temporary and the pigment might fade when they wonder whether to ink or not. This might be true in cases where a tattoo artist performs the procedure. The result may last years when a skilled scalp practitioner performs the procedure using the best tools and pigments. With regular touch-ups, SMP can stay on and on for years.

SMP is costly

 Some people think that scalp micropigmentation is a costly procedure. But the fact of the matter is that SMP costs much less than a hair transplant. The cost of the procedure may feel more initially, but the results are long-lasting, which means you don’t need to undergo any other procedure for hair loss or scar concealment.


SMP is a permanent solution to hair loss. It is an excellent hair restoration option for people with thinning hair. Experienced and skilled scalp practitioners are dedicated to producing realistic results so clients can have peace of mind about their post-SMP look and walk confidently without any significant SMP concerns.

Top Phoenix SMP artists tailor solutions to clients’ specific needs to create natural-looking results that match perfectly with the natural skin and hair color, are permanent, and safely done with minimal pain and discomfort.

Anyone seeking an effective hair loss treatment but wondering about SMP concerns can schedule a consultation with DermiMatch Clinic to discuss their options and address concerns. Top scalp artists at the clinic will guide you through the process and happily answer any questions. Schedule your consultation now and take a step toward ending your scalp problems or miseries that have been ruining your peace of mind and self-confidence. Get help as soon as possible.