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Hair Transplant versus SMP: Which is Better?

scalp micropigmentation SMP versus hair transplant

No doubt, balding or hair thinning or even premature greying is a sight nobody is happy about. It does affect their self-morale, self-esteem, and self-confidence. Hair loss can ruin looks and personality. So when you want to look good, you ought to focus on hair. Thinning hair, receding hairline, and pattern baldness all come with age. Now you might wonder if there is any better hair restoration solution than a hair transplant. let’s see the comparison of hair transplant with SMP below.

Hair transplant versus SMP

What is a hair transplant? As its name suggests, it is a type of surgery that involves extracting hair from a donor site. The extracted hair is then implanted into the section with hair loss. FUT and FUE are two popular hair transplant procedures that come with their own set of risks. No doubt, a surgery has a long recovery period, not to mention, the pain and side effects associated with a transplant.

Scalp micropigmentation, on the other hand, is non-invasive. It only uses microneedles to inject natural pigment into the scalp. The goal of SMP is to replicate tiny hair follicles with pigmented dots at the site of hair loss. A scalp camouflage procedure, SMP easily covers bald spots or even scalp scars by restoring the hairline. The procedure also thickens the existing hairline.

How Is SMP Better Than Hair Transplant?

For those looking for a non-surgical hair restoration treatment, scalp micropigmentation does not have a match. It is quicker and easier and relatively painless. It has a short recovery period and you can return to work even the next day. But that’s not the case if you undergo a hair transplant surgery.

Instant results

You can expect almost immediate results with scalp micropigmentation, which deposits pigment into the scalp and recreates the appearance of follicles. You can immediately enjoy a new hairline and a youthful look that will grab eyeballs. But with a hair transplant, you cannot expect instant results. it takes months to show up the results you are looking for.


As compared with a transplant, SMP is quite affordable and relatively cost-effective. If you are on a tight budget, SMP is an ideal choice.


SMP is a safe and relatively painless. It does not use any invasive techniques to create results. It uses specially designed microneedles to apply natural pigment. These needles do not cause any pain when they insert pigment into the epidermis. You do not need any prescription painkillers to overcome pain after the procedure because there is hardly any pain experienced by people who undergo scalp micropigmentation. While a transplant is associated with swelling, bleeding, itching, and risk of infections, SMP only results in some amount of redness, which goes away on its own within a day or two.

SMP for Hair Loss

If you want to avoid surgical invasions, SMP is an excellent choice. Scalp micropigmentation delivers permanent results without any pain, side effects, or allergic reactions. The procedure speaks for itself as a hair restoration solution. It’s how you can look younger almost immediately after the procedure. Get in touch with top SMP practitioners in Arizona today and find how scalp micropigmentation can help your hair loss problem. In the hair transplant versus SMP debate, the latter is a winner.

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