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How Do I Get Rid of Post-SMP Shine On My Head?

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Having a shiny scalp is not a good experience for people who do not want their head to shine like a mirror. But there are a few who love their glossy head. On the other hand, some are not proud to wear a gleaming scalp and look for ways to reduce the post-SMP shine. So what causes shine on your bald head? Well, excess oil is the primary cause of shine on a bald scalp. This oil or sebum is naturally produced by sebaceous glands.

Is Post-SMP Shine Good?

No, a shiny scalp is not bad but it might be the first to attract attention. Why does scalp shine? The oil is naturally produced and makes the scalp shine. Sebum helps protect skin from bacteria. A smooth surface reflects light effectively. But what can be done to reduce shine? There are a few ways to get rid of the post-SMP shine.


A good cleansing regime can help prevent the buildup of natural oils. Cleansing also reduces the grease on the scalp. A good alcohol-free cleanser is advised for gentle cleansing. You can get rid of the shine by cleaning the scalp with a good cleanser. Sebum naturally lubricates the skin and prevents it from dryness. But too much of it can make your scalp shine more.

Exfoliate your scalp to remove dead skin cells and dirt so they don’t clog the pores.


Shave closer to the scalp and in the direction of growth. A totally shaved head is more likely to appear shiny. Aim for some sort of texture in the form of a close shave or buzz cut. SMP does add a bit of texture to the scalp while reducing glare. But you still need to be careful about how you shave to prevent that glowing head. When you shave with the grain, it allows some amount of hair to absorb light, which reduces shine.


When it comes to moisturizing, look for one product that doesn’t produce luster but gives you a matte look. Some moisturizers add more shine and the light bounces off the scalp as they are oil-based. But avoiding a moisturizer isn’t an option either, because you need ample hydration for the skin. This is crucial to prevent dryness and avoid flaky skin.

Look for anti-shine moisturizers that reduce glare and produce a matte effect that stays for longer.  There are a few good mattifying solutions that start to work almost instantly and mattify the scalp, keeping it fresh all day long.

Getting the Best SMP Treatment in Arizona

If you are looking for scalp micropigmentation, look for top local Arizona SMP service providers. The best scalp artist can make a big difference to the end result and change the whole experience. DermiMatch has the best team of SMP professionals, who are experts in scalp micropigmentation and can help make your experience better. They can advise you on the best post-SMP shine products that help reduce scalp glare.