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Is Cheap SMP Good?

cheap scalp micropigmentation SMP

In your hair loss journey, you want to explore all hair restoration options, including cheap SMP. But is it worth going for cheap scalp micropigmentation? Well, SMP is an innovative hair loss solution that has helped many men and women get back their confident look. You, too, want to try out SMP for quick visible effects. But when it comes to scalp micropigmentation, should you look for cheaper options?

Is it worth going for Cheap SMP?

SMP can be the one life-changing decision that you need to make for a renewed youthful appearance. When making that decision, you cannot ignore the need to find the best scalp artists. Going for cheaper alternatives might prove devastating and way more expensive than what quality SMP costs now.

So you love to bargain. Finding a cheap SMP deal might seem like a step to fulfilling your dream. But here’s a catch. Cheap SMP might be a costly decision later. It isn’t actually a sensible move to look for the cheapest scalp artist in town. No doubt, money saved is money earned. But money isn’t the only criterion when it comes to judging an SMP practitioner in Arizona. SMP gone wrong can prove to be incredibly expensive to rectify.

For this very reason, you do not want to fall into the trap of cheap scalp artists that claim to do the job at half the price of Arizona SMP professionals.  

SMP is an altogether different field than tattoo or body art and if a tattoo artist claims to do the job for pennies, you should run away from that place and never look back. Scalp micropigmentation involves the accurate placement of pigment at the right depth. A level above might cause immediate fading and a little too deep might result in quick discoloration. SMP is placed in the superficial dermis between the epidermis and the dermis.

Only the right scalp artist with experience in scalp micropigmentation can deliver results that look natural.

Who is the right Scalp artist?

SMP is a cosmetic placement of tattoo-like ink in bald areas of the scalp. Only a skilled, qualified practitioner can reproduce the natural-looking results of closely trimmed hair.

They understand the scalp anatomy and are skilled in placing pigment at the right depth. The top scalp artists use top-quality products that are guaranteed to deliver accurate results in hiding thinning hair, bald patches, or a receding hairline. They are skilled in hiding scars of an injury, hair transplant, or spots left by a botched SMP done by an unskilled SMP artist. ‍

Why Avoid Cheap SMP

  • It is temporary and can fade away quickly.
  • It might not be the best experience in terms of accuracy.
  • An inexperienced scalp practitioner might create a bad taste in your mouth regarding SMP. You might end up with a botched SMP that looks odd and unnatural.
  • You might need to repeat the treatment every 6 to 24 months, which incurs additional expenditure.
  • Cheap SMP pigment might get discolored and turn black or blue.
  • Cheaper scalp artists might not be serious about hygiene and sterilization or following industry best practices.
  • In many cases, dark pigments may appear fake.

Bottom line

When you choose the best SMP professional in Arizona, you have the guarantee of ending up with desired natural-looking results. avoid going for cheap SMP. Not all scalp artists are created equal. You deserve the best experience.

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