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Is SMP uncomfortable?

scalp micropigmentation SMP pain

Okay, so you have finally made up your mind to go for scalp micropigmentation to get over your hair loss blues. True, hair loss of any type is frustrating. It adds up to your stress, and stress aggravates hair shedding further. While some amount of hair loss is natural, hair fall for a prolonged period of time can give you goosebumps.

So, finding the right solution is the right way to deal with the situation. But when everyone makes tall claims about hair growth, scalp micropigmentation emerges as a winner. Unlike other hair restoration procedures, the reason is that it does not claim to grow your hair back. It only helps conceal hair loss, hair thinning, and a receding hairline. But you might wonder if SMP is uncomfortable or painful. Let’s explore this.

How Uncomfortable Is SMP?

You are planning to get inked but want to make sure if SMP is uncomfortable. Well, the answer is clear. The pain level varies from one person to another. Ideally, the procedure is not painful if a certified scalp practitioner in Arizona performs the job with the right SMP tools. What tools are important to make the procedure painless?

The most important SMP tool is a needle that implants the pigment into the scalp. The needle used by scalp artists is micro in size. The idea behind using such a tiny needle tip is to create the appearance of follicles, which are too small to be seen with naked eyes. So, the needle used for the procedure should be such that it can puncture the skin and create a tiny dot in the skin.

The smaller the needle tip, the less the pain! However, it may be slightly uncomfortable. You may experience varying levels of discomfort, depending on your tolerance level, scalp area to be treated, size of the treatment area, and tools used. Some parts are more sensitive than others and may cause different levels of discomfort. While some may feel a scratching sensation, others can’t describe what it feels like and may compare it with a mild sunburn.

Last but not least, the skill of the scalp artist will also determine the extent of pain for the client.  Choosing the best Arizona SMP practitioner can change your whole experience with the treatment.

The procedure may become more and more bearable as the treatment progresses.

Tips for Minimizing SMP Discomfort

Stay hydrated

A well-hydrated body will be less sensitive to pricks. So, drinking plenty of water before the procedure can surely work in your favor.


You are less likely to feel the treatment sensations when you come to the clinic with a relaxed body and mind. Rather, you will be enjoying the treatment.

Choose the best scalp practitioner

Your choice of a scalp artist can make a big difference to the end result as well as how the treatment goes. When you choose a skilled SMP technician, you can rest assured about the tools they will use. Besides, their skills and experience will help make the treatment smooth for you. Skilled SMP practitioners have the experience and training to deal with different parts of the scalp. They are aware of the sensitive areas and perform the procedure accordingly.

Get help from SMP experts to minimize SMP pain and discomfort. Your choice of a skilled SMP technician will work in your favor in improving your scalp micropigmentation experience. Consult with the best brains at DermiMatch Clinic today.