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SMP Misconception: Does It Look Good?

scalp micropigmentation SMP misconception

There is not one SMP misconception but many that you need to clear before committing to the procedure. Since it involves creating dots that mimic hair follicles, you want to understand if SMP looks fake. When the best scalp artist performs the procedure, nobody can notice the dots. All they can see is hair follicles. In fact, not even family members can find the difference between natural and SMP follicles. Scalp micropigmentation is as good as the scalp artist who has administered it.

SMP Misconception: It is only for the bald

There are some schools of thought that believe that the procedure is for bald men alone. However, scalp micropigmentation is a hair restoration procedure for thinning hair, receding hairline, scarring, and hair loss, apart from pattern baldness.

Anyone with thin hair can get SMP help to create a thicker appearance.

SMP Myth: It is painful and takes longer to heal

There is another SMP misconception that it is painful but the reality is different. Since it is a non-invasive procedure, scalp micropigmentation is painless. When a skilled scalp practitioner performs the job, there is no chance of pain. However, some clients may still experience little discomfort during the procedure, depending on their pain threshold. All in all, scalp micropigmentation is not painful as it uses microneedles for the procedure and heals quickly.

SMP Misconception: It doesn’t last

Scalp micropigmentation lasts a lifetime if you go for touchups after a few years. Some amount of fading is natural as the immune system sees the ink as foreign particles and attacks it, resulting in slight fading. However, this usually takes years. A retouch may help keep the best attainable look.

SMP Myth: It looks synthetic

The top SMP practitioner uses the best scalp pigment that matches the skin tone and hair color. Since the best scalp artists use organic pigment, it looks natural and is not easy to notice.

SMP Myth: It is just a tattoo

Another misconception about SMP is that it is just a tattoo and a tattoo artist can easily perform it. However, this is a wrong notion. SMP uses standard pigments, needles, pen, and tools, whereas tattoo tools are different and cannot work for scalp micropigmentation.

 SMP is a professional process that requires training and standard SMP equipment that can mimic the look of hair follicles and create natural-looking results.

SMP Myth: It Affects Future Hair Growth

A common misconception is that SMP affects future hair growth. But this is not the reality. In fact, SMP does not interfere with hair growth in any way. Rather, it can create the appearance of fuller hair by creating dots that look like natural follicles and blend seamlessly with natural hair. SMP pigments can coexist with any future hair growth, without affecting the regrowth of hair. However, it does stimulate hair growth. It is a cosmetic solution that improves scalp appearance by creating the illusion of a fuller head of hair.

SMP Misconception: It Requires Extensive Maintenance

Scalp micropigmentation does not require a lot of maintenance. If you follow a few SMP aftercare tips, your treatment can stay good for years without too much maintenance.

If you want realistic SMP results, do not fall into the trap of cheap tattoo artists, who know nuts about scalp micropigmentation. Look for a reputable SMP practice that has been in the business for years and boasts skilled SMP practitioners, who live and love their craft. Always check the artist’s skill level, experience, and reputation in the industry before going ahead with them.

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