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Kimchi for Hair Growth: Fact or Myth?

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In your quest for lush locks, you have presumably come across claims that kimchi for hair growth is magic. To what extent does this theory hold? What’s the reality? Can you boost your mane with this spicy Korean staple? Let’s explore.

Spicing Up Hair Health: Can Kimchi for Hair Growth Work?

Let’s first see what makes kimchi so unique in the Korean diet. Well, kimchi is cabbage fermented with spices that is brimming with probiotics. That’s where the hair growth connection enters the race. Can kimchi influence hair density and growth?

DHT blocker

There are tall claims that kimchi contains DHT blockers that are otherwise responsible for shrinking follicles. Besides, as a potential overload of phytochemicals, kimchi shows promise as a potential DHT inhibitor in some studies.

In addition to this, rich in probiotics, kimchi has anti-inflammatory properties that can mitigate DHT’s harmful effects on hair follicles.

Kimchi’s gut-friendly properties strengthen the gut and enhance nutrient absorption, thus resulting in healthier follicles.

More research is needed to confirm kimchi’s effectiveness as a DHT blocker and determine optimal dosage and duration.

Bettering Your microbiome

Fermented foods are packed with healthy bacteria that may balance digestive health by optimizing nutrient absorption for solid strands. When more nutrients are bioavailable, you can experience better scalp health.

In a small study, scientists claim that kimchi might help reverse signs of baldness while boosting hair growth. Researchers assert that the increased levels of iron and vitamin C in fermented foods, like kimchi, might potentially affect hair growth.

Advocates of this theory proclaim that regular kimchi intake can offer a range of benefits in improving digestive health and slowing down the aging process. Besides, it can improve skin and eye health. Some studies also cite the role of kimchi in reducing stress and anxiety symptoms. While chronic stress disrupts health and hair growth, relaxation is good for overall health, including hair health.

What can you do about hair loss right now?

The research done until now on the role of kimchi in hair growth is too small and involves only a few people. More studies are needed to confirm the role of food ferments as being effective for hair growth.

If hair loss is a huge concern, looking for alternatives, such as SMP, is best. Scalp micropigmentation treatment is a non-surgical solution for hair loss. the technique involves creating tiny dots that mimic hair follicles and create the look of a full head with a hairline that looks more defined.

Eating fermented foods is a great way to add more gut-friendly bacteria to your diet, which promotes health in more ways than one. But you cannot rely only on food ferments for quick hair restoration results because diet takes time to show effectiveness.

How Does SMP Work?

SMP offers a permanent solution that will significantly benefit your hair loss woes. Get the best hands in scalp micropigmentation to do the job for you.

SMP experts in Phoenix can help transform your look and hair loss woes so you can rejoice with a more confident look. Get in touch with DermiMatch scalp practitioners now.