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Lifestyle Changes To Reduce Hair Loss

scalp micropigmentation SMP for hair loss

Hair loss seems like a curse. It hurts at an emotional level. No doubt, there are numerous lifestyle changes you can make to reduce the incidence of hair loss.

If you are concerned about hair loss, you can try out a few lifestyle changes to reduce the rate of hair shedding so you can feel a little self-confident about yourself.

What Can You Do To Reduce Hair Loss?

Exercise Regularly

A regular workout of 22 minutes every day is a great way to stay active and fit. It could be in the form of a walk. Regular exercise is necessary for overall fitness and reducing stress.

Remember, stress can trigger hair loss. So, by maintaining an exercise regime, you can reduce stress, improve blood flow, and ensure an adequate supply of nutrients to the follicles to promote healthy hair growth.

Stop Smoking

If you smoke regularly, then you are most likely to experience hair shedding. Cigarette smoking can damage hair follicles and stop hair growth altogether. Research claims that cigarettes can damage the DNA of hair follicles, resulting in thin and damaged hair.

Luckily, when you quit smoking, it can have a major impact on your hair.  

Eat healthy to reduce hair loss

A healthy and balanced diet is the foundation of living a disease-free life. Eating healthy micro and macronutrients can help keep your body healthy, including scalp and hair, as every body part gets adequate nutrition.

Including more protein in your diet can help reduce hair loss. Try including more nuts, low-fat dairy, beans, eggs, fish, chicken, and peas.

Your water intake should not be less than 2.5 liters per day. Water hydrates the body and skin and improves elasticity. Since more than half of the human body is water, it needs replenishing.

Change Your Hair Products

Washing your hair every day is not a good hair care regime. No doubt, cleanliness is crucial to scalp health. Overdoing it can make your roots fragile and dry.

Using chemical hair products can further cause hair loss and long-term hair damage. Most shampoos contain chemicals like sulfates, which strip away sebum.

Over-shampooing could cause stunted hair growth. Some chemical hair dyes and hair care products are also detrimental to hair health. Instead, use organic products containing natural oils and materials that boost hair growth.

Take Biotin

Vitamin B or B Complex is known for its ability to improve the health and appearance of hair. Many people suffering from pattern baldness are advised to take biotin supplements, which block DHT and thus help improve hair growth.

Why Try Scalp Micropigmentation to Reduce Hair Loss

If you are not satisfied with the slow effect of lifestyle changes on hair loss, you may try scalp micropigmentation to cover hair fall. Whether it is your thinning hair, a receding hairline, or even pattern baldness, SMP can help.

The cosmetic procedure uses microneedles for tattoo pigmentation to create the look of a closely-shaven head. Many hair loss sufferers are already enjoying their hair restoration journey with scalp micropigmentation.

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