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Link Between Keto Diet and Hair Loss

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Is there a connection between keto diet and hair loss? Typically, the loss of 50-100 hair strands per day is normal. But if you lose more than this and are also on a ketogenic diet, you might be surprised to find that there is some connection between both. A dramatic change in diet can cause all sorts of health problems, including hair shedding.

What is the Keto Diet and Hair Loss Connection?

Ketogenic means a low-carb, high-fat diet with moderate amount of protein. The idea behind this diet stems from the notion that a fat-rich diet helped epilepsy in kids. The diet is believed to force the body to burn more fat than carbs.

The body uses fat as an energy source, thus preventing its deposition. This type of diet puts your body into a metabolic state or ketosis, and the liver starts producing ketones that become the main source of energy.

The fat-burnout rate increases on a keto diet as there is an increase of chemical ketone in the liver. However, the lack of calories in your diet can expose you to hair loss on a ketogenic diet.

The calorie deficit can make it tough for the body to self-heal or grow. As a result, your skin, nails, hair, and muscle tissues suffer.

What Can Be Done?

Keto diets may increase the rate of hair shedding as your hormone levels adjust to the transformation in your metabolism.

  • Getting in more calories might help stem hair loss on a keto diet.
  • Learn to manage stress, as it can affect hair growth and cause hair loss. The stress of losing extra pounds can result in telogen effluvium. As a result, hair shifts to the resting phase. It is often temporary and can be triggered by hormonal, autoimmune, or nutritional imbalances.
  • Include more B vitamins and biotin in your diet.
  • Add more protein to your diet, as hair needs protein for growth. About 90% of hair on your head is in the growth phase. That means they require adequate protein and nutrients to maintain a healthy head of hair. Hair suffers when you don’t get all the nutrients from food.

What To Do About Keto Hair Loss?

You may need to pop multivitamins to replenish your body of nutrients. Try including more protein in the form of eggs, liver, and salmon in your keto diet. But if you continue to experience hair loss despite having a proper keto diet, you may want to consider scalp micropigmentation as a treatment for hiding your scalp problems.

While scalp micropigmentation may not be a solution to stimulate hair growth, it can certainly cover up the problems with your scalp, such as hair thinning, receding hair, and pattern baldness. Keto hair loss may be temporary, but you can experience low self-esteem during this phase.

SMP can undoubtedly give you a sigh of relief if keto hair loss is your major problem. Consult with Arizona SMP experts at DermiMatch Clinic to overcome the stigma of hair loss induced by keto diet. Avoid low-quality SMP treatment.

DermiMatch Clinic scalp experts know their craft well and have treated thousands of patients suffering from hair loss. So what are you still waiting for?