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Tattoo versus Micropigmentation: Can a Tattoo Artist Do SMP?

scalp micropigmentation SMP in Arizona

Scalp micropigmentation is not the same as a tattoo. There are significant differences between both practices: tattoo versus micropigmentation. One thing that is the same in both procedures is that they embed pigment into the skin. Apart from that, they are different. That means you should not hire a regular tattoo artist for scalp micropigmentation.  Let’s explore the key differences between both practices below.

Tattoo Verus Micropigmentation: Key Differences

Location is different

The location of pigment insertion varies between tattoo and micropigmentation. SMP involves inserting the ink into the top layer of the dermis, whereas a tattoo artist is trained to implant tattoo pigment deeper into the dermis. That’s the reason tattoo pigments often disintegrate, disperse, and blur. On the other hand, when a trained SMP practitioner does the job, the scalp ink stays put without fading, blurring, or migrating.

Tattoo versus micropigmentation: Color And Size of Impressions

You cannot hire a tattoo artist for scalp micropigmentation because SMP is more about precision and uniformity. SMP technicians specialize in the art of creating micro dots with special needles that replicate hair follicles. They don’t use tattoo needles for the job. These needles deliver thousands of minute follicle-sized impressions into the scalp.

Tattoo artists may be experts in their job. But SMP requires specialized training. They do not make the right fit for the job.


A tattoo is a body art that attracts attention. On the other hand, SMP help hide scalp problems. When a person opts for scalp micropigmentation, they don’t want the world to know about it.  The tattoo artist carves non-minute multi-colored graphics deep into the dermis.

A highly trained and experienced scalp artist is skilled in creating a subtle, natural-looking tattoo on the scalp that replicates real hair follicles. The intention behind SMP is to keep the pigment undetectable by creating visual results that look natural, whereas tattoo is the opposite and done as an adornment to the body.

Tattoo versus micropigmentation Tools

A significant difference between both lies in the tools or equipment used, and that’s a huge difference. When you compare tattoo with micropigmentation, you will realize that SMP uses specialized tools. Tattoo artists do not use the same tools as scalp practitioners. This includes needles, pigment, and equipment. Even SMP aftercare is different from tattoos.

Technical Expertise

Tattoo artists are not SMP practitioners. Scalp micropigmentation is the job of SMP technicians. Even if someone is a great tattoo artist, they cannot do the job of a scalp practitioner. SMP is a form of corrective procedure. It helps hide scars, cover scalp issues and hair thinning, and help clients get back their self-confidence and esteem.

A tattoo artist is not the right fit for SMP because scalp micropigmentation involves technicalities, skills, and training. Many SMP procedures go wrong due to inexperience and lack of training and skills. Tattoo artists do not have scalp micropigmentation training. They may not have the experience and skills to create the results SMP clients expect.

Now that it is clear that tattoo and micropigmentation are different, there should be no doubt that a tattoo artist is not the best person for SMP.

The DermiMatch Advantage

Tattoo versus micropigmentation does not have a lot in common so you should hire the best SMP artist for the job. The best scalp practitioners in Arizona are happy to help you get your dream look at DermiMatch. Connect with SMP experts today.