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Main SMP Challenges

scalp micropigmentation SMP pigment

Are you concerned about SMP challenges? SMP is trending as one of the most popular choices for men and women looking for a hair restoration procedure. The non-surgical hair loss treatment is recommended for men and women with hair loss, complete baldness, hair thinning, and receding hairlines.

SMP involves implanting tiny pigment deposits in the dermal layer to mimic hair follicles. However, there are common SMP concerns that need to be addressed.

SMP Challenges 1: Finding the Right Pigment

It’s challenging to find the right colored pigment that matches the client’s hair color. The SMP artist must be competent and skilled enough to select the right shade that matches the skin and color and creates a seamless look. The idea is to ensure there is no difference between the client’s hair and pigmented skin.

DM pigments are best-in-class HD inks that are designed for specific skin and color types. That makes it easier for SMP professionals to pick and choose the correct ink for a client. Additionally, these do not require any dilution, unlike many other tattoo inks available on the market.

SMP Challenges 2: Adjusting to Different Hair Types

It can be challenging for scalp professionals to find the right technique for different hair types. There are all types of clients with wavy, straight, or curly hair. When it comes to scalp micropigmentation, the appearance of follicles depends on the hair type. A scalp artist may need to adjust the needle depth and placement accordingly so the end result looks natural and not fake.

Shallow needle depth should work for straight hair with small, less visible follicles. Alternatively, curly hair has larger visible follicles. As a result, they require a little deeper needle depth.

It is important for the SMP practitioner to carefully examine the hair growth pattern of each client so they can replicate that during the procedure to create a realistic look.

SMP Challenges 3: Matching Pigment With Light or Gray Hair

Light or gray hair can present specific challenges in SMP.  It might be due to the visible contrast between the pigmented area and the client’s natural hair. The choice of pigment tone matters a lot here. It depends on the experience of a scalp practitioner, who understands how a slighter dark tone can bring about a world of difference in the looks of their clients. So choosing lighter pigments is the way forward. While other pigments need dilution with a color modifier, DermMicro colors require no dilution. They are ready for use and blend seamlessly with existing hair to create a natural, subtle appearance.

Challenge 4: Discoloration

Low-quality SMP pigments can fade over a period of time and get discolored due to skin type, sun exposure, and lifestyle. Pigment discoloration can result in an unnatural appearance. The use of high-quality HD pigments holds the key to maintaining the look of SMP all the time without discoloration.

Bottom Line

SMP is a permanent solution for those experiencing hair loss. The quality of pigment can have a huge impact on the SMP results. By choosing the best quality products, SMP artists can deliver natural-looking results. Top-quality scalp micropigmentation pigments are available on DermMicro website. DermiMatch Clinic scalp artists in Arizona use the best HD pigments available. Schedule your consultation with the best in the business, who can efficiently deal with SMP challenges.