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What is the Main Concern About SMP?

scalp micropigmentation SMP concerns

A number of people have one major concern about SMP when they are pondering about an effective hair restoration procedure for hair loss. The main concern is: is SMP safe? Some even want to understand the dangers of scalp micropigmentation before agreeing to go ahead with the treatment.  There are a few who wonder if SMP damages hair follicles. However, a majority of clients are worried about the discoloration of the pigment. So let’s cover this major concern about scalp micropigmentation.

One Major Concern About SMP?

Many people are worried about the discoloration and wonder if the pigment will turn blue. Since traditional tattoos tend to discolor after a few years, many people wonder if scalp micropigmentation will meet the same fate too. However, there is a difference between body art and SMP. Both techniques may look a little similar but there are some major differences that set them apart.

The major difference is the type of pigment used during the procedure. Scalp micropigmentation uses natural ink that is deposited into the superficial layer of the scalp. Quality SMP pigments never get discolored nor do they fade or migrate.

 Why Does SMP Turn Blue?

Well, in rare cases, scalp micropigmentation might turn blue, depending on the quality of ink used and the experience and skills of the SMP practitioner in Arizona. If an artist uses low-quality tattoo ink for scalp micropigmentation, the result will not be in your favor. Besides, if the treatment is not performed correctly, the ink may turn blue due to technician error.

Additionally, the pigment depth is crucial too. If the scalp practitioner deposits the pigment at the wrong depth, there are high chances of ink discoloration or migration. The deeper the SMP, the higher the chances of blurring. In SMP argon, the blurred impression is known as a blowout. What does that mean? Well, it means that there won’t be perfect-sized dots after the treatment heals. Rather, the dots may appear too large or blurred.

How To Prevent SMP Discoloration?

Although scalp micropigmentation is a safe procedure that does not carry a lot of risks, the danger of a botched job cannot be ignored. Clients that trust a traditional tattoo artist with their scalp micropigmentation treatment often end up with a bad SMP experience.

Unfortunately, not all tattoo artists are skilled and equipped with the knowledge, tools, and resources to do scalp micropigmentation. There is a significant difference between the depth and pressure of SMP and body art. SMP uses microneedles to create tiny impressions or dots that mimic hair follicles. If a tattoo artist uses the same big needles of body art for SMP, the result is likely to be disastrous for the client.

Look for a certified SMP technician with a proven track record and credibility to do the job. some scalp artists are experts in their field they do it right every single time. DermiMatch Clinic boasts some of the top names in the world of Arizona SMP. There scalp practitioners in Arizona have been performing SMP for decades and delivering the best results. They are happy to allay client fears and concerns about SMP during consultation. Get in touch with the best today.