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Why Find the Right SMP Artist

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Now, you have decided to try scalp micropigmentation for hair loss. Congratulations on having made the best decision. But your job doesn’t end here. Rather, it is the beginning of your journey of freedom from hair loss woes. In order to realize your dream look, you ought to find the right scalp practitioner in Arizona. No doubt, SMP is a revolution in the field of hair restoration. But the need for finding the best hands for the job cannot be stressed more. You want to look for a practitioner who is skilled in micropigmentation and can create a natural-looking hairline.

Finding the Best SMP Artist

Unfortunately, a number of tattoo artists have started offering scalp micropigmentation as one of their services. This is quite unfortunate, as a tattoo artist’s job is quite different from that of a scalp practitioner.

A scalp artist cannot create a natural-looking hairline without undergoing professional SMP training.  Professional SMP practitioners have access to the best tools to achieve the natural look of hair follicles. They have the skills and knowledge to implant high-quality pigment at the right depth. On the other hand, tattoo ink has to be deposited deeper. Imagine the impact of wrong ink placement on the final result. Wrong implantation will not give you the results you imagine.

It could severely affect the ink performance and result in discoloration or blurring easily. At that level, the immune system attacks the ink vociferously, resulting in quick discoloration.

The best SMP artist in Arizona can efficiently complete the procedure with an aim to customize the treatment to your existing hair and tone. On the other hand, if you choose an inexperienced SMP artist for the job, they may produce poor-quality results that do not last long.

How to research an SMP artist

When it comes to finding a scalp technician, you want to look for a professional SMP artist. The following tips should help.

  • Assess the practitioner’s qualifications. Do they have proper credentials? What about training and skill level? How long have they been in the job of scalp micropigmentation? Are they a beginner or amateur professionals?
  • Check for reviews left by clients.
  • Look for before/after photos as an example of their skill level.

Besides, are they associated with a reputable clinic? What about safety protocols? Additionally, you cannot ignore cleanliness at the clinic. A professional scalp micropigmentation clinic is clean and organized. You want to make sure that the treatment area is sterile and the equipment used is top-class to ensure a safe experience.


An experienced Arizona SMP practitioner has a deep understanding of different scalps. They have the experience of treating different skin tones and hair problems. The right scalp technician is aware of different types of hair loss and knows how to deal with them, irrespective of the degree of hair loss.

When it comes to selecting a scalp practitioner, you want to go with the best. Luckily, you can find SMP professionals at DermiMatch Clinic, which is widely popular for its scalp micropigmentation treatment. The credit for such a clean record goes to its scalp practitioners in Arizona. So, if you want to live your dream look, go for the best scalp artists in the business.