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Wigs and Hairpieces for Hair Loss

scalp micropigmentation smp in arizona

Wigs and hairpieces for hair loss offer a versatile solution for concealing scalp issues. There are benefits of using these hairpieces to achieve your styling preferences. Let’s explore if wigs are a solution to hair loss.

Full wigs

These cover the entire head and come in a variety of lengths, styles, and materials. Full wigs can be a great choice for complete hair loss or for those seeking a dramatic hairstyle change.

Lace front wigs: For people seeking to create a natural-looking appearance, lace front wigs come with a a sheer lace base along the hairline. They offer more styling flexibility compared to traditional wigs.

Hair toppers

These are smaller hairpieces designed to add volume and coverage to specific hair loss parts, especially on the crown or hairline. They are lightweight and often clip in for easy attachment.

Hair extensions are forms of hair pieces for hair loss that add length and volume to existing hair. They come in various forms.

Hair wefts are strips of hair that can be attached to existing hair for added volume and length.

Hair patches are small pieces designed to cover specific areas of baldness or thinning hair. You can attach them with adhesive or clips.

Benefits of Hairpieces for Hair Loss

Wigs and hairpieces provide instant coverage and can be applied quickly. They offer a range of styles, colors, and lengths to suit individual preferences.


High-quality wigs and hairpieces can be expensive. Besides, they are not a one-stop fix for all types of hairstyles. Not everyone is comfortable wearing wigs or hairpieces. In addition, they require regular cleaning and care to maintain their quality and appearance. Some people even find them uncomfortable to wear.

Scalp Micropigmentation: A Permanent Alternative to Hairpieces for Hair Loss

While wigs and hairpieces offer a solution, scalp micropigmentation provides a more permanent and low-maintenance alternative for hair loss. SMP is a non-surgical hair loss procedure that creates the illusion of a thicker head of hair by depositing pigment dots into the scalp, mimicking shaved hair follicles.

Advantages of SMP over Wigs and Hairpieces

SMP creates a realistic look that blends seamlessly with existing hair. Besides, it requires minimal maintenance once completed. The best thing is SMP can last for several years with touch-ups.

Wigs and hairpieces offer a valuable solution for those experiencing hair loss. However, scalp micropigmentation provides a more permanent and convenient alternative, offering a natural-looking, low-maintenance solution that can significantly boost confidence.

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