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Does SMP for Scarring Work?

scars and scalp micropigmentation SMP

Scalp micropigmentation is one of the most effective ways to treat hair loss. This includes scars. So does SMP for scarring work? There are ways SMP can help scarring and other scalp problems. While it does not treat hair loss, it camouflages signs of scalp issues.

SMP for Scarring Caused by FUE

FUE is a hair transplant procedure that involves mining hair follicles from the donor area on the scalp. The follicles are transplanted to the balding area. While the procedure covers the bald patches, it may leave scars in the donor area. The scars are noticeable and look unsightly. Scalp micropigmentation can be effectively used to deposit pigment into the site to camouflage scarring.

FUT Scarring Camouflage

The procedure involves surgically removing a strip of the scalp from another site with healthy hair. The doctor extracts individual follicles from the strip and transplants them to the area with balding patches. While the procedure fills in the balding gaps, it leaves a strip of scarring on the donor site. SMP can be a great solution to camouflage the scar and match it with the neighboring skin.

Advantages of SMP for Scarring

  • Scalp micropigmentation is a safe, non-surgical procedure to camouflage hair loss and scarring. The minimally invasive procedure works to cover scars at the surgery site.
  • The procedure uses organic pigments and no chemicals and is known to work effectively and permanently at concealing scalp problems.
  • The procedure is painless, unlike a hair transplant that involves making surgical incisions and requires a long recovery period.
  • SMP delivers near natural results so much so that nobody can easily tell you have had a hair restoration procedure.
  • Recovery is quick, and you don’t need a long aftercare either. SMP is easy to maintain, and with a few scalp care tips and precautions, you can be pretty happy with the result.
  • It can effectively conceal all types of scars without making them noticeable.

What is SMP for head scars?

SMP conceals surgery scars or those from trauma by depositing small amounts of pigment into the affected site. The goal is to simulate follicles in the scar tissue and blend with the neighboring skin.

Is SMP ink permanent?

Some scalp scars are permanent. When you don’t want to undergo another surgical procedure to cover those scars, SMP can help conceal them. Scalp micropigmentation is a permanent procedure to hide scalp problems, such as hair loss and scars. The ink may fade over a period of time. A touch-up is required after a few years to keep the ink looking fresh.

It’s better to hide scars that remind you of the pain you had to bear due to the incident that resulted in the unsightly scar. SMP for scarring is the right way forward when you want to hide the site with simulated follicles that create the appearance of a fuller head of hair.

Where to go for Arizona SMP?

But you must get SMP done by the best scalp micropigmentation artist. An inexperienced tattoo artist is not the right fit for the job. Choose the top Arizona SMP professionals at DermiMatch Clinic, who have the experience and skills to solve your hair loss and scarring problem. Schedule your consultation now.