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Scalp Micropigmentation Process

scalp micropigmentation smp in arizona

We all see Instagram posts of before and after or 1st,2nd, and 3rd session progression as it relates to Scalp Micropigmentation. Marketing and photos can be misleading and set false expectations of what is realistic throughout the process. Understanding the scalp micropigmentation process and expectations is important. Make sure each client knows about the process during the consultation. 

I’d like to touch on the scalp micropigmentation process and expectations for each session in general terms. SMP involves 3-5 sessions. For demonstration purposes, I will go through session progression as if we are talking about three sessions. 

What’s Are Scalp Micropigmentation processes

First session – This is the time to create the overall foundation. Depending on your artist, this may be low density or a time to create density and get a “wow” factor for a client.

Whatever your artist chooses, this is the time to get a base down and fill in the balding area. Directly after a 1st session, the results may look fantastic, but as the treatment heals and the redness dies down, you will likely see sections that have faded or disappeared altogether and others that have remained. This can leave a patchy appearance, but do not be alarmed; this is normal. 

Second session – This is the time that your artist learns about your skin, how you heal, the technique used, and any changes your artist must make in their technique. Each client’s skin is different and requires adjustments to achieve the best results.

During this session, your artist will fill in any sessions that fade and blend the work from the first session.

This is also the time to create the desired density the client hopes to achieve or even make changes to the hairline design. 

Third session – This may be your last session for the scalp micropigmentation process for a while or it may not. This session involves blending and creating final detailed touches. Some artists may use a different shade of pigment to create a dusted 3D look on this session. 

As mentioned, each client is different, so your artist should work with you based on the healing results.

A client’s scalp skin is different from inch to inch. So if a section’s impressions stay and others do not, you will need extra sessions. As a client, it can be a scary process when the results are not healing perfectly after every session. But this is nothing to worry about. This is common and each session is used to fill faded portions. 

Marketing might make one believe that each session looks perfect. This is not the case and requires many sessions to make the final results you see advertised. 

You can book a consultation with your local SMP provider or feel free to contact Dermimatch in Scottsdale, AZ at and schedule a consultation.