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How To Stimulate Hair Growth For Men

Hair loss is one of the most frustrating experiences for men and women both. Having healthy hair is a matter of pride for most people from both genders. Sadly, hair loss is regular and ongoing. In fact, it is common for men and women to lose hair. However, hair loss starts to hurt more when it does not regrow as quickly as it is lost. The experience becomes worse when most men start going bald by 50 years of age. It is that time when men start looking for the right solutions to stimulate hair growth.

Hair Growth for Men Options


Well, if you are least concerned about the side effects of drugs, then you may want to try the FDA-approved Rogaine and Propecia for hair growth. You will need a doctor’s prescription though to purchase these, and the result will not be apparent quickly. Your hair may take a year to show up.

Hair transplant

Unless you are afraid of going under the knife or a long recovery period, which is often accompanied by pain, a hair transplant might be an option. There are two hair transplant options popular these days that are known to stimulate hair growth, including follicular unit transplantation and follicular unit extraction.


It is a preferred hair regrowth solution for men who are suffering from alopecia. But in some cases of hair loss, laser treatment might reduce the follicular inflammatory response. This helps prevent hair regrowth.

Lifestyle adjustments for Hair Growth for men

Food and nutrition are crucial to the physical and mental growth of a person. Good food is also essential for hair growth. Hair grows when follicles and roots get nutrition. Combined with physical activity and an active lifestyle, good food can work wonders for hormonal balance, which helps the growth of hair.  Add more protein to your diet and wait for it to show results. However, remember that hair regrowth following lifestyle adjustments will not happen overnight.

Avoid frequent washing

Now you don’t want to wash your hair regularly. This might sound weird, but it is a fact that regular washing strips hair of natural oils that weaken the roots, resulting in weak hair that falls easily.

Stress and sleep

Kick that stress out of your life. It is one of the significant causes of hair loss. It can affect the growth phase of hair, pushing the follicles into the resting phase. Regular exercise and meditation combined with a good night’s sleep can help your body focus on more important functions. A good night routine allows growth hormones to speed up cell reproduction. Healthy cells can also stimulate hair growth.

No doubt, these are some of the proven tips for hair growth for men. But some are associated with side effects and risks that you want to be wary of while others take a long time to show effect.

What’s the Solution for Hair Growth for Men

If you feel hair loss has ruined your personality, you want a quick fix. Here comes scalp micropigmentation. No, it is not meant to spur hair regrowth. But the procedure can help cover the scalp flaws that seem to have ruined your peace of mind. If you have thinning hair, receding hairline, or excessive hair loss, you can trust SMP.

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