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Laser Off – Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)

With so many people wanting to learn Scalp Micro pigmentation due to high income potential and relatively low cost to start up in the industry; the need for SMP correction has never been more prevalent. Unfortunately, many folks looking to get into the business are going through short training courses lasting 2-3 days typically. Some of these courses are 100% online which means the student gets zero experience on real skin. For the folks going to an in person training course; they are typically getting to practice on a human model however, they are not seeing their heeled results a week out making the training much less useful.

Luckily there are a few options to either fix the bad SMP or have it lasered off completely. Some options other than laser would be a saline solution, a diluted lactic acid or acid base or a complexion correction pigment needled into the bad SMP impressions. These options are limited and should only be used to correct some bad impressions and not for correcting a whole head of bad SMP work.

Laser is the best and cleanest option for getting rid of bad SMP. If the SMP was done with carbon pigment as most SMP is and the artist did not go too deep; SMP can typically be removed in one laser session as opposed to a traditional tattoo. This is because a tattoo is applied into deeper layers of the skin while SMP should be applied much shallower. Plan for two laser sessions to make sure all the impressions and dark spots are removed fully.

When looking for a SMP artist, do your research and also make sure they have apprenticed with someone for a decent amount of time instead of just completing a 3 day course. There is no substitution for working on real clients and seeing the progression and healed results. 

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At Home Hair Transplant Scar Correction Options

Through my own experience; shaving my head after a hair transplant is extremely frustrating and can be crippling.  I have spent years trying to reverse the scarring that I have sustained due to two FUT hair transplants.

Not only am I contending with the strip scar in the back of my head but I also had raised, red, spongy skin on the recipient site where the grafts were placed in my hairline.

I have exhausted all my viable options to help achieve the least amount of scarring to include, laser resurfacing, micro-needling, fibroblast, two scar revisions, FUE into the strip scar and I even took a tattoo pen and micro needled the hairline area with a dragging method.

I am fortunate that I have achieved pretty outstanding results.

Micro-needling, Fibroblast and even going so far as to drag a needle through the scared area with a tattoo pen are all inexpensive options you can do at home.

For the purpose of this article I want to touch on Fibroblast. This is an inexpensive device that you can purchase on Amazon AMZGIRL Portable Beauty Equipment Skin Tag Remover pen,Multi Speed Level Adjustable Home Usage,skin tag removal device USB Charging -Gold : Beauty & Personal Care. Fibroblast devices are typically used by Estheticians to help build new collagen in the skin to help tighten and get rid of wrinkles.

This at home option can take the place of expensive laser treatments. Be prepared to use a numbing cream as you are creating small burns on the surface of your skin.


Hair Transplant Scar Concealment Options In Addition to SMP

As a Scalp Micropigmentation Artist, I often find myself explaining to potential clients the limitations of scar camouflage with SMP alone. Unfortunately SMP is a 2D solution and as wonderful as this option is for hair loss and covering scars; it does not address skin texture and surface imperfections.    

Thankfully there are options to help address texture concerns. Some examples would be; laser resurfacing, micro-needling, Fibroblast and fillers.

Today I want to shed some light on fillers in regards to indented scarring on the scalp typically due to an FUT hair transplant. Indented scarring can be difficult to conceal with SMP alone especially in different lighting situations or angles.

Fillers can be injected into the scar to help raise and flatten the scar tissue to match the surrounding skin. You can simply make an appointment with your local dermatologist who would be able to perform this treatment before going in for your SMP treatment.

A simple filler treatment could make all the difference in your overall outcome in hiding that embarrassing scar.

Dermal Fillers And Scars: Cost, Effects & Benefits Reviewed (


Saw Palmetto For Hair Loss.

If you have done any research for your hair loss you may have heard or even been prescribed Propecia (Generic name – Finasteride) an FDA approved Type II- Alpha Reductant which inhibits the body’s Testosterone from converting to Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the body. DHT has been linked to hair loss by blocking blood flow to the hair follicle.

Unfortunately with any medication there are side effects and Finasteride is no exception. Finasteride works by altering the body’s hormones which can lead to sexual and other side effects (Finasteride (Oral Route) Side Effects – Mayo Clinic)

If you have already experienced side effects from Finasteride or are unwilling to take the medication; there are some alternatives you may want to try.  One of those alternatives is the natural supplement sold at your local drug store called Saw Palmetto. Although not an FDA approved medication, it has been shown that an extract of Saw Palmetto berries may block 5-Alpha Reductase which is an enzyme that converts testosterone to DHT.

There is no concrete evidence that this is a viable substitute for Finasteride but it may be worth a try if you do not want to take finasteride or if you have experienced side effects from the medication.  

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