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5 Activities That Cause Hair Loss

You love your hair but, unknowingly, you are engaged in activities that cause hair loss. You continue to experience hair thinning or shedding of hair and wonder why it is happening to you. Let’s explore these activities that cause hair loss so you can avoid them for healthy hair.

Activities That Cause Hair Loss

  1. Irregular hair care regime

Shampooing is critical to the health of your hair. Remember, your scalp is also a part of the skin, and the only way to keep it healthy is to clean it regularly. Regular shampooing can help with the growth of hair and stem hair fall. So how often should you wash your hair? Well, it varies from one person to another, depending on how oily the scalp is. For people with oily scalp, regular washing is crucial to prevent the buildup of pollutants and oil. This can further cause dandruff and inflammation. Dandruff is not good for hair growth.

  • Aggressive brushing

Wet hair is the most vulnerable to breakage. Aggressive brushing of wet hair is one of the most common activities that cause hair loss. It can weaken the roots and cause irreversible damage to the follicle. Besides, you should avoid going to bed when your hair is still wet as it increases the risk of breakage. So before you hit the bed, make sure they are dry and untangled to prevent hair loss.

  • Overuse of styling tools

Heat can be dangerous to your hair. Using hair styling products that blow out heat on your hair can make the strands brittle. Not to mention, this makes your hair prone to breaking. So you want to choose hairstyles that do not use heating to minimize the damage to your locks. If you use styling tools too often, they can be harsh on your hair, resulting in hair breakage. Avoid using the hairdryer regularly as it could cause extreme damage to hair. Excessive use of heat on hair can weaken the hair fiber and shaft and damage the cuticle.

  • Poor diet

Protein is crucial for hair health as it gives strength and structure to the hair. In fact, hair is made of protein. Unless you are eating healthy, your hair won’t grow. A diet that lacks iron, protein, zinc, and vitamin D can weaken your hair due to a lack of nutrition and cause hair thinning. This is one of the many activities that cause hair loss.

  • Skipping breakfast

If you rush out the door in the morning without breakfast, you are starving your hair. The first meal in the morning is crucial for overall health, and your hair is no exception. Hair is the last to receive nutrients as the body focuses on other important organs first.

So if you make it a habit to skip breakfast, your hair will remain malnourished and weaken, becoming prone to breakage.

Besides, it is important to protect your hair from sunlight as it can be harmful to the hair fiber and cuticle. Shielding your hair from the direct rays of the sun will protect them from damage.

SMP is An Alternative

Avoiding these activities that cause hair loss should help. But this is a gradual process. If you are still not able to control hair fall and remain disturbed due to excessive hair shedding, you may look for an effective hair loss solution. Scalp micropigmentation is one that may camouflage your scalp problems, such as hair thinning or receding hairline or even bald patches.  But the procedure works only if a skilled SMP practitioner does the job. Get in touch with DermiMatch scalp experts in Phoenix, Arizona, to explore SMP options for you.