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Can chemotherapy hair loss be prevented?

scalp micropigmentation SMP for chemotherapy hair loss

Chemotherapy hair loss is a reality for cancer patients. If you are having chemotherapy, hair loss is part of the process. It occurs, depending on the type of medication used for chemotherapy. In a majority of cases, the hair always grows back after treatment is over, but this side effect can be extremely upsetting for cancer patients. although many claim that a few prevention steps can prevent hair shedding caused by chemo. But the reality is different and certainly unpleasant for many cancer patients. Chemo hair loss cannot be prevented.

Steps To Prevent Chemotherapy Hair Loss

Scalp compression

This is one way to exert pressure on the scalp. In doing so, it is believed that hair loss can be prevented. This involves the use of tight caps that cause less blood to reach the hair roots. It is thought to reduce the effect of chemo medication on hair cells and roots. Unfortunately, this method does not work much. It might help when combined with scalp cooling.

Scalp cooling

Scalp cooling minimizes blood flow to the scalp. As a result, follicles aren’t as exposed to the cancer drug. But this may or may not work every single time. Patients still lose some of their hair.


Well, there is no specific medication to prevent chemotherapy hair loss. some make tall claims about specific hair loss drugs but they don’t seem to work during chemotherapy.


A good well-balanced diet is crucial for overall wellbeing. Some vitamins and minerals are known to help induce hair growth. But there’s no evidence that they prevent chemotherapy-related hair loss.

Natural oils and supplements

Good nourishment is necessary for hair regrowth but as far as chemotherapy side effects on hair are concerned, there isn’t any oil or hair growth supplement that seems to work during cancer treatment to prevent hair loss.

However, it is important not to use any chemical cleansers during treatment as they can react with sensitive skin during chemotherapy and make the situation worse.

Scalp micropigmentation

When nothing seems to work, what should a cancer patient do to overcome the burden of hair loss during chemotherapy? Well, while nothing seems to be effective in warding off hair loss during cancer treatment, there is a way to camouflage the effects on your scalp.

Luckily, the solution lies in scalp micropigmentation. No, it does not prevent hair loss, but it does help hide the effects of hair shedding and complete baldness during chemotherapy. SMP is a permanent solution for hair loss that replicates a buzzed haircut and fills in the bald patches with pigmented dots that look like hair follicles. This is one of the safest and most effective ways to fight the fear of baldness during chemotherapy. It helps restore your self-confidence.

When performed by SMP professionals, it has almost outstanding results that effectively hide signs of hair loss. Getting help from top Arizona SMP artists is critical to achieving the best results. Scheduling a consultation with the leading Arizona scalp micropigmentation team at DermiMatch Clinic is the first step. Take it today!