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Hair Loss Myth Versus Facts

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Hair loss is more annoying than anything else for most men and women. While there are several inherent causes of hair loss, some myths make your life hell, too. Many hair loss myths have been making the rounds for quite some time and must be busted.

Hair Loss Myth #1: It is permanent

Some types of hair loss are permanent, while some aren’t. In fact, in many cases, hair loss can be reversed, especially if a medical condition is at the root cause and you choose to remedy that disease. There could be other factors at the root of your hair loss problem, including eating disorders, hormonal imbalance, medication, and disease.

Many women experience postpartum hair loss, which is temporary. In fact, for many people, no other type of hair loss is permanent except pattern baldness.

Myth 2: Hats cause hair fall

Wearing hats cannot suffocate your hair follicles. Your follicles need oxygen and nutrients for growth, and they get it through the bloodstream. Wearing a hat does not affect this nutrient supply. So now you can flaunt your style in a hat and not worry about hair loss.

Myth #3: Hair loss and stress

Chronic stress can trigger hair loss unless you do something to take care of yourself. Big traumatic events or long-term suffering can cause hair loss. Long phases of stress can make your hair enter a longer resting phase.

In this phase, follicles are in the resting mood and do not regenerate hair.  Everyday stress episodes cannot cause hair loss. Only long-term or chronic stress can affect the hair growth cycles.

Myth #4: Older people alone become bald

Unfortunately, this is not true. In fact, if you have a family history of hair loss, the first signs may become apparent in your twenties. Your genes are to be blamed for pattern baldness symptoms in men and women. The first signs could become visible in middle age.

Myth #5: Your father does not pass genetic hair loss

Your mother alone is not to be blamed for hair loss. If you are suffering from hereditary hair loss, it could be from your mom’s or dad’s side. Either of your parents can pass it on to you.

Myth 6: Pattern baldness affects only men

Men and women both suffer from hair loss. Pattern baldness is no exception, though it is more widely apparent among men than women.

Hair Loss Myth 7: Washing hair with cold water prevents hair fall

Well, indeed, hot water is not good for your hair. However, there is no guarantee that cold water is a better alternative to hot water. However, it does not stop or prevent hair fall, which may be triggered by n number of reasons.

Bottom Line

While there are several hair loss myths, they are not 100% true when it comes to hair shedding. You may lose hair due to numerous reasons. The best way to overcome your hair loss woes is to look for an alternative treatment that is least invasive, painless, and permanent.

Scalp micropigmentation is one such hair restoration solution that you want to go for. However, the procedure works only when done by an expert. Look for scalp experts in Arizona for the job.

Only then can you expect the desired results. DermiMatch Clinic in Arizona has a solution for you. They have the best team of Arizona SMP practitioners with decades of scalp micropigmentation experience.