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How To Return to Work After SMP?

scalp micropigmentation SMP in Arizona

No doubt, people who know you are familiar with your looks, and you are wondering about your return to work after SMP. If you undergo scalp micropigmentation, they may notice a difference in your looks as you are likely to look more youthful after the procedure, though they may not find out what has changed. But that does not mean you cannot return to a normal routine quickly.

If you are returning to work in-between sessions, people might notice a change. But you should not bother yourself about it.

Return to Work After SMP

Many people return to work the next day after their SMP session. True, you may feel a little anxious about it because you don’t want people to know about your treatment. Luckily, many people are unable to find out about it, though they may notice some improvement in your looks right after the first session. In the first two days, the scalp may appear a little more red than normal because the tiny wounds caused by the SMP needles are still fresh. But it won’t be too late before they will be gone, and your scalp should look normal soon.

During this period, the dots created may look darker while they are healing. For people with light or sensitive skin, the redness may be a little more noticeable.  If you have fair skin and are conscious about how people might react to your changed look while your scalp is still healing during sessions, you may want to plan your treatment carefully. For a working professional, it might help to schedule a session for the weekend so your scalp has a couple of days to heal before you return to work. This would make returning to work much less stressful. Now you don’t have to bother about people’s reactions.

How to Reduce Redness

Follow SMP aftercare tips

Additionally, there are ways to reduce the redness after each treatment session. It is important to follow all the SMP aftercare instructions and let the treatment heal naturally. Avoid touching the scalp for at least 4 days or using any topical treatments. Reach out for DermMicro scalp aftercare kit that includes a host of scalp care products for your post-SMP self-care regime.

Should you Wear a hat when you return to work after SMP?

When you don’t want your SMP to be visible in the initial stages, it is better to cover it with a hat. It is important to talk to your scalp practitioner if you can wear a hat. It is always advised not to wear anything immediately after the session because you want the scalp to heal first by letting the skin breathe.

Make sure SMP suits your looks

When you don’t want to draw attention to your scalp when you return to work after SMP, make sure that you choose a style that fits with your natural style and complements your looks. You don’t want to choose a style that looks weird and unnatural and then grabs eyeballs. The best scalp artist knows what works best on a specific client, based on their physical traits. They can best customize a treatment plan that suits their client’s preferences and looks.

This ensures that the treatment looks natural and goes well with the client’s style.

If you are looking for a trained, skilled, and experienced hand in SMP in Arizona, get in touch with DermiMatch clinic. They have some of the most skilled scalp practitioners in Arizona.