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How To Return to Work After SMP?

No doubt, people who know you are familiar with your looks, and you are wondering about your return to work after SMP. If you undergo scalp micropigmentation, they may notice a difference in your looks as you are likely to look more youthful after the procedure, though they may not find out what has changed. But that does not mean you cannot return to a normal routine quickly.

If you are returning to work in-between sessions, people might notice a change. But you should not bother yourself about it.

Return to Work After SMP

Many people return to work the next day after their SMP session. True, you may feel a little anxious about it because you don’t want people to know about your treatment. Luckily, many people are unable to find out about it, though they may notice some improvement in your looks right after the first session. In the first two days, the scalp may appear a little more red than normal because the tiny wounds caused by the SMP needles are still fresh. But it won’t be too late before they will be gone, and your scalp should look normal soon.

During this period, the dots created may look darker while they are healing. For people with light or sensitive skin, the redness may be a little more noticeable.  If you have fair skin and are conscious about how people might react to your changed look while your scalp is still healing during sessions, you may want to plan your treatment carefully. For a working professional, it might help to schedule a session for the weekend so your scalp has a couple of days to heal before you return to work. This would make returning to work much less stressful. Now you don’t have to bother about people’s reactions.

How to Reduce Redness

Follow SMP aftercare tips

Additionally, there are ways to reduce the redness after each treatment session. It is important to follow all the SMP aftercare instructions and let the treatment heal naturally. Avoid touching the scalp for at least 4 days or using any topical treatments. Reach out for DermMicro scalp aftercare kit that includes a host of scalp care products for your post-SMP self-care regime.

Should you Wear a hat when you return to work after SMP?

When you don’t want your SMP to be visible in the initial stages, it is better to cover it with a hat. It is important to talk to your scalp practitioner if you can wear a hat. It is always advised not to wear anything immediately after the session because you want the scalp to heal first by letting the skin breathe.

Make sure SMP suits your looks

When you don’t want to draw attention to your scalp when you return to work after SMP, make sure that you choose a style that fits with your natural style and complements your looks. You don’t want to choose a style that looks weird and unnatural and then grabs eyeballs. The best scalp artist knows what works best on a specific client, based on their physical traits. They can best customize a treatment plan that suits their client’s preferences and looks.

This ensures that the treatment looks natural and goes well with the client’s style.

If you are looking for a trained, skilled, and experienced hand in SMP in Arizona, get in touch with DermiMatch clinic. They have some of the most skilled scalp practitioners in Arizona. 

scalp micropigmentation

What is a Good Scalp Cleanser?

Have you undergone scalp micropigmentation in Phoenix recently or are considering it? Or are you interested in taking better care of your scalp? In both cases, you need to include a good scalp cleanser in your self-grooming regime for a healthy scalp. Now when it comes to choosing the right product for scalp cleansing, you don’t want to reach out to one with harsh ingredients. Of course, you want to stay away from chemical-laden products that can do more harm than good.

Pick the right scalp cleanser

The scalp is quite a delicate area, and you want to keep it clean and healthy with a regular cleansing, moisturizing regime.

Is shampoo a good scalp cleanser? Well, shampoos are usually made with ingredients that can be harsh on your skin, remove natural oils, and dry out the scalp. Such products are often formulated with chemicals, such as sulfates and parabens, and can cause dryness, flaky skin, and irritation.

When you want to cleanse your scalp, choose a scalp cleanser that is gentle on your skin, nourishes it, and effectively removes dirt and oil, without leaving any residue. So what is the right scalp cleansing solution? Well, you want to reach out to a scalp cleanser that is formulated with natural ingredients that retain moisture and soothe the scalp.  Of course, the right product does not strip away beneficial oils from your skin and helps keep it hydrated.

Benefits of a Good Scalp Cleanser


Unless you use a good cleansing solution, it can result in a buildup of oils and dead skin cells. If you have dry skin, look for a solution that has good moisturizing properties. However, if you have undergone scalp micropigmentation recently, choose a product that soothes the scalp, reduces redness, and calms irritation.

Does not clog pores

Having clogged pores is not a good sign if you aim for a healthy scalp. A good scalp cleanser is one that does not clog your pores and irritate the skin.

Exfoliation is necessary

When looking for an effective natural scalp cleaning product, look for one that exfoliates the skin and removes dead skin cells. A powerful scalp cleansing solution will also remove excess oils and dirt buildup, which leads to dandruff, itching, and skin problems. After SMP, a good cleanser for the scalp will be one that helps promote the growth of new skin cells and keep your scalp feeling soft and supple.

What to Look for in a Good Scalp Cleanser?

Look for a product that is effective from day 1 and cleanses deeply without drying or dehydrating the skin or stripping it of beneficial oils.

  • Reach out for a solution that balances the pH levels of the scalp.
  • Moisturizes and soothes the scalp.
  • Does not contain chemicals and irritating ingredients.

If you are looking for a scalp cleanser that actually works, look no further than DermMicro SMP aftercare kit that comes complete with a cleansing shampoo formulated to gently cleanse the scalp and also help with healing.

The kit uses no harsh chemicals or artificial additives. This is the best way to take care of your scalp while it is healing after scalp micropigmentation.

Check out the DM scalp aftercare kit that includes a cleansing shampoo, restore ointment, and restore lotion to complete your post-SMP scalp care regime. It might just be what you’re looking for.  If you are looking for the best hands for SMP in Phoenix, DermiMatch scalp practitioners can help.

scalp micropigmentation

How to Prevent Hair Loss in Men Aged 25

Wondering how to prevent hair loss? Hair loss is never a pleasant sight. It becomes an excruciating experience if you love your hair. Let’s be frank here. Who on earth does not love their hair? Everyone loves their hair because it defines their personality. You change your hairstyle and your entire personality changes. That’s the power of a hairstyle. But when hair falls, it gives you goosebumps. If you start losing hair around 25 years of age, it can be no less than a nightmare.

Ways to Prevent hair loss

You may start to experience hair shedding at any age. When that happens at an early age, it can be unsettling. The reason could be hormonal problems, stress, environmental factors, medical condition, nutritional deficiency, or genetics.

Dietary and lifestyle changes

Sometimes making lifestyle adjustments can help. Try to include the right foods for hair growth. This includes lean meats and soy products, minerals, and proteins. Trace minerals, such as biotin, iron, and zinc are also essential for stimulating hair growth.

Kick that stress to prevent hair loss

If you remain stressed for professional or personal reasons, you are doing your hair no good. It is highly likely that you will experience hair loss from stress. Research finds that chronic stress pushes a large number of follicles into the resting phase.


One way to prevent hair loss is to regularly massage your hair with a good nutritious oil that nourishes the scalp and improves blood flow to follicles. Almond oil, coconut oil, flax seed oil, and vitamin E oil are regarded as good for hair growth.  


The FDA has approved Rogaine or Minoxidil for male pattern baldness. But in some cases, people have noticed a return of hair loss after the treatment is stopped. Propecia is another medication believed to prevent hair loss. However, you should think of the side effects and not start on a medication on your own. Always consult with a dermatologist or medical doctor regarding your concerns and condition.  

Hair care regime

Sometimes hair loss occurs due to a wrong hair care regime. You may not be aware that brushing wet hair can weaken the hair and make them more fragile. So avoid brushing wet hair to reduce the risk of hair shedding.

Hair styling

You love to style your hair but it can contribute to hair loss. Frequent hair coloring is a big No when it comes to hair care. This is especially true if you are already experiencing hair loss. Hair colors are chemicals that can weaken the shaft and cause hair shedding.

Physical activity to prevent hair loss

If you live a sedentary lifestyle, then you are more likely to suffer from hair loss. Regular physical activity can help reduce stress and balance hormonal levels, which can indirectly reduce hair shedding.

The SMP Way to Prevent Hair Loss

If you are not satisfied with the slow impact of lifestyle changes on your hair health, it’s time to consider an alternative solution. Scalp micropigmentation is an alternative hair restoration procedure that helps cover your scalp problems, such as pattern baldness, thinning hair, and receding hairline, so you can walk out confidently and with esteem.

Get in touch with the best SMP artist in Scottsdale and talk about your hair loss problem. They are happy to help you find the right solution to hair loss.