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Is There a Permanent Solution to Hair Loss?

scalp micropigmentation SMP permanent solution to hair loss

If hair loss is a cause for concern, then you are certainly looking for a solution that gives you permanent relief. True, you seek a permanent solution to hair loss. Ideally, you will find several hair loss solutions on the market. But do all work? Many might suggest you to go under the knife for permanent relief from hair loss. However, in some cases, this is not a life-long solution. What’s more, you may even experience pain during and after the procedure, which leaves you with scars and a long recovery period. You might end up popping painkillers to manage pain from the transplant surgery. all in all, the surgery might not result in a permanent solution to hair loss, especially if the cause of the problem is hereditary or linked to genetics. Some people suffer from medical problems and experience hair loss due to hormonal disturbance. In such cases, hair transplant may not give relief.

What about a permanent solution to hair loss?

There are several ways to stop hair loss. this includes natural and artificial. Of course, there are chemical treatments available but they do not promise to stop hair fall forever. The same goes for natural hair care therapies. There is no denying the fact that hair care is crucial to hair growth. But not everyone is lucky to benefit from dedicated hair care. Such people often suffer from hormonal imbalance problems that cause extreme hair shedding.

There are a few different lifelong medications that might trigger hair loss. unfortunately, they cannot stop taking the pills due to their medical condition.

For such people, a hair transplant is not the right way to go, especially as it is not a permanent solution to hair loss.

So what is the best way to treat the problem of hair loss?

Welcome SMP!

Spelled scalp micropigmentation, SMP is one of the most effective ways to treat hair loss. Although it is not a solution to hair loss, the technique can effectively conceal the problem under pigmented follicles.

Is SMP A Permanent Solution to Hair Loss?

SMP uses a specific pigment to create the appearance of natural hair. The reason it looks natural is when the best scalp artist performs the job. The whole process takes 2-3 sessions, where the SMP practitioner works to darken the dots. The SMP professional takes the scalp and hair color, and size of dots into consideration to achieve the desired result. Their goal is to achieve realistic results. An experienced scalp artist understands the need to achieve variation in tone and size for a more realistic look. Make sure you choose someone who has a deeper understanding of scalp micropigmentation as well as practical experience in performing SMP on clients.

The DermiMatch Edge

In fact, it is also important to look for someone who has performed SMP on clients with similar problems as yours. If they haven’t, you might end up with an unrealistic result that doesn’t solve the problem but makes it look worse.

DermiMatch Clinic is one of the leading names in the Arizona SMP world. Connect with the best scalp artists in Arizona to get help for hair loss. Here’s a permanent solution to hair loss that promises to transform your life for the better.