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5 Lifestyle Changes To Reduce Hair Loss

Hair thinning or loss is bound to shake you up a little. And you aren’t alone if you experience heartbreak seeing your hair fall. However, there are certain ways to reduce hair loss if you commit to a few lifestyle changes.

Get more nutrients

Certain nutrients play a key role in the hair growth cycle. If you are struggling with hair loss, try to increase the intake of protein, folate, zinc, iron, vitamin D, and B complex. Besides, omega-3 fatty acids are important too. An iron or biotin supplement can also help those with deficiency-related hair loss.

Reduce Stress as a lifestyle change

Your hair follicles are bound to feel weak and fragile if you suffer from chronic stress. High stress is responsible for an increase in cortisol levels while reducing essential nutrients that support healthy hair.

Practice medication to reduce stress and improve mental health.  The hair should start to regrow approximately six months after you have learned to cope with stress.

Quit Smoking 

One of the major lifestyle changes to introduce in your hair growth journey is to quit smoking. It affects hair growth cycles and accelerates aging. The toxins in cigarettes can damage the blood supply to the scalp and cause inflammation. Quitting smoking ensures nutrient supply to the cells so nutrients efficiently reach hair roots. 

Avoid over styling

Excessive heat styling can result in hair pulling. Aggressive chemical processing damages the scalp. Let your hair dry naturally before using hot tools and chemical treatments. Excessive heat can burn and break hair strands.

In fact, too much heat can break protein bonds in hair that are formed at the microscopic level. As a result, strands become prone to breakage and fall out prematurely.

Avoid Chemical treatments

You may want to make this lifestyle change now. Repeated or improper use of chemical treatments damages the cuticle protective layer. It also affects the protein structure of strands, which causes hair to break off. In some cases, the damage is so extensive that it can build up on the scalp, blocking follicles and causing hair thinning.

Get a Regular Scalp Massage

Massage is relaxing and helps stimulate blood circulation. Besides, it encourages hair growth factors. Certain devices come with microneedles that might result in micro-injuries to boost collagen that aids in hair growth. A regular scalp massage helps strengthen existing strands. 

Get SMP as a Lifetime Lifestyle Change

If you are unhappy with lifestyle adjustments, you may want to switch to scalp micropigmentation. SMP is one of the safest and most permanent hair loss solutions available.

Get in touch with Arizona scalp experts today so you can find the right direction regarding hair loss treatment. While lifestyle changes may or may not bring positive results, you want to go the scalp micropigmentation route to benefit from this revolutionary hair restoration technique that hides scalp problems, receding hairlines, and pattern baldness and gives you a youthful appearance.

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