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Visible Scalp and Hair Thinning: A Reality Check

No doubt, visible scalp and hair thinning are a reality, and you are wary of those thinning locks. Of course, you want lustrous and healthy hair, right? But if you are struggling with thinning hair and visible scalps. There are several causes of hair shedding and thinning, from stress to environmental factors, hormonal changes, and dietary imbalance. Several medications and treatments may also result in scalp problems. Then there are some medical conditions, such as thyroid, that cause hair loss. irrespective of the cause of hair loss, you want to understand the hair growth cycle first.

Visible Scalp: A Miserable Reality

If you have thinning hair or are follically challenged, there is a likelihood that you are inching closer to the fate of a visible scalp soon. Of course, it is quite irksome and irritating. You know the frustration that comes along when you can see signs of a visible scalp through your locks. The reality is that there is no magic solution to restore your hair. Does that mean you have to live with this fate?

Well, luckily, no. You can minimize its impact on your appearance. Let’s talk about the hair restoration solution that can help you feel confident about your personality again!

Causes of Thin Hair

A hair follicle connects each strand of hair to the scalp. Imagine a situation when the follicle becomes weak, hair strands start to thin out. Hair thinning may also result from:

  • Alopecia areata is one of the major causes of hair thinning.
  • Over-treating Your Hair can weaken the roots and follicles.
  • Hormonal imbalance can cause thinning of hair strands.
  • Dietary choices or an unbalanced diet can weaken the whole body and cause hair shedding.
  • Chronic stress can result in hair shedding as the body enters fight or flight mode in stress. As a result, existing strands can weaken and become thin.

Do Natural Oils Help Thinning Hair?

Natural oils have therapeutic properties and can help nourish the follicles and stimulate hair growth. When you massage your scalp with natural oils, it can promote blood circulation and strengthen strands. No doubt, oil massage can induce hair growth but ‍it will not happen overnight. Massage can stimulate the growth of hair only in certain cases of hair loss. It is no one-stop solution for all.

Does Eating Healthy Foods Help?

Dietary intervention can help improve your overall health. This includes healthy hair too. But you ought to continue with this dietary change for a long time to see the transformation in your hair, that too if your hair loss is caused by poor food choices. Try including more omega-3, protein, folate, biotin, iron, and zinc in your diet to promote healthy hair growth.

Avoid Hair Styling Products

Hair styling tools that heat your hair can damage the strands. Heat can cause severe hair shedding and thinning hair.

Best Hair Treatments for Thinning Hair

If you want to try out the best thinning hair treatment, then look no further than scalp micropigmentation. SMP for hair thinning can help restore your old charm, creating a look of hair density with pigmented dots. This diminishes the visibility of hair strands and creates a fuller hair look.

The best thing about SMP in Phoenix is that it is a non-surgical, permanent hair loss solution.

DermiMatch Clinic is a trusted name in the SMP industry. Their Phoenix SMP professionals are experts in hair density treatment and can help regain your confidence. Consult the team of scalp experts today to overcome the problem of thinning hair!

scalp micropigmentation

Does Biotin for Hair Loss Work

Hair loss is one sight that everyone hates. You, too, are not an exception either. Now you might be wondering if there is a solution to hair loss. Of course, you have heard a lot about biotin for hair loss. What is it? How does it help? Let’s explore if biotin is the solution for hair restoration and how SMP scalp micropigmentation in Arizona might help your cause.

What is Biotin for hair loss treatment?

Biotin or Vitamin H is known to help with hair growth. It is also believed to contribute to the health of skin and nails too. Vitamin H is a water-soluble vitamin that belongs to B-vitamin family. The body converts certain nutrients into energy with the help of biotin. Hair loss might be a result of a lack of biotin in the diet. You may experience a scaly red rash if you are deficient in biotin, though deficiency is rare as a normal diet has a sufficient amount of vitamin H.

Biotin plays a role in improving the keratin infrastructure that strengthens hair roots and boosts skin health. It might help with hair thinning and shedding. There is not too much evidence to suggest how increasing biotin supplementation might promote hair growth. Research is still underway to explore biotin for hair loss benefits.

Egg yolks, walnuts, almonds, peanuts, bananas, legumes, cauliflower, and whole grains are food sources of biotin.

Biotin may have adverse effects on some people, which may include nausea, cramping, and diarrhea. The research into biotin is still growing, but scientists have found that some patients experience cramping, nausea, and diarrhea after incorporating biotin into their routines.

The DermiMatch Solution to Hair Loss

It’s permanent and does not have any side effects. Yes, we are talking about SMP in Phoenix, Az. If you are experiencing hair loss, thinning, shedding, or a receding hairline, we understand it’s tough for you to overcome the situation. No doubt, you should focus on a healthy nutritious balanced diet to nourish your body for overall wellbeing and proper development. Hair loss is one area that might need something extra to stem. But when that does not happen, you can look up to scalp micropigmentation.

SMP offers a permanent solution for hair restoration for men and women suffering from hair loss, alopecia, pattern baldness. The procedure is non-invasive and can hide scars, thinning hair and receding hairline. It can give you a buzzed-cut look that can help restore your self-confidence and self-esteem. With scalp micropigmentation, you can add density to a thinning or receding hairline.

You can trust our scalp artists to do the job of scalp micropigmentation on your scalp. We pride ourselves on our SMP scalp micropigmentation in Arizona expertise and can help determine what will work best for you. Get in touch with us for a consultation today. What’s stopping you from getting a new look that you have always desired with the guarantee of 100% satisfaction?