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How Can I Stop Menopause Hair Loss?

scalp micropigmentation SMP for menopause hair loss

Menopause hair loss is a reality that a majority of women are faced with.  Unfortunately, symptoms can be quite scary, from hot flashes to night sweats, mood swings, irritability, digestive issues, weight gain, and hair loss. Hormonal imbalance can cause all sorts of problems in perimenopausal and post-menopausal years. Why does menopause hair loss occur? Let’s explore below.

The Truth About Menopause Hair Loss

Estrogen and progesterone are the two main hormones that can affect hair growth cycles. They even affect your scalp and follicle health, resulting in hair thinning, texture changes, lack of density, and dry hair. Fluctuating estrogen levels during perimenopause can affect hair growth in more ways than one. They can affect the shape of follicles and the texture of hair. This also impacts the production of sebum or natural oil. With a decrease in sebum production that maintains the pH of hair, cuticle cells pull apart from each other, resulting in dull and rough hair.

Why Menopause Affects Hair

Hair thinning is one of the most common symptoms of menopause, which may occur along the sides, on the front, or on top of the scalp. Shedding of hair is also common. Hair loss during menopause is due to hormonal imbalance because of a drop in the production of estrogen and progesterone, which are crucial to hair growth.

Although hair loss is not life-threatening, it can have a devastating effect on a woman’s self-esteem. It may lead to severe depression and social isolation.


Severe hair loss might need dietary intervention. Talking to your GP might help, who can investigate the causes of hair loss and then suggest a treatment option. They may take your stress levels, chronic illness, and hormonal imbalance into consideration before prescribing a treatment. Unfortunately, there isn’t much that can be done to counter the hair loss effects of menopause.

Please avoid any chemical treatments that might aggravate your symptoms further.

So you might wonder- what’s the best way to fight menopause hair loss?

Well, the easy way out is scalp micropigmentation.

SMP for Hair Loss During Menopause

Here is one of the most effective ways to overcome the problem of thinning hair or hair loss during menopause. Scalp micropigmentation uses a needle to implant specialized chemical-free pigment into the scalp to create the appearance of hair follicles. When this is done, the scalp appears to have a thicker growth of hair. So that takes care of hair thinning during menopause, which is quite common for a majority of women.

SMP can help women experiencing a receding hairline during this period. The same process works for bald patches where there is no more new growth of hair.

However, the secret to SMP success lies with the scalp artist. Unless you find a trained and skilled Scottsdale SMP practitioner, your menopause hair loss problem might still loom large.

The need of the hour is to look for an expert hand for the job. You can trust DermiMatch Clinic’s experienced SMP technicians, who have been instrumental in changing many lives with their skilled scalp micropigmentation job. Get in touch now with the best in the Scottsdale SMP industry.