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Is Sudden Weight Loss and Hair Loss Connected?

You were conscious of your figure and wanted to lose excess weight. But now your dream of a sexy figure has transpired, thanks to sudden weight loss. but to your surprise, there is sudden hair loss as well. Now you are wondering if sudden weight loss and hair loss are connected.

Weight loss and hair loss: what’s the connection

If you are looking for a straight answer, then it is no. but if you want to explore facts and understand whether there is an indirect connection between both, read further. Although not all weight loss results in hair loss, there is some indirect link between both. This includes:

  • Low protein diet
  • Restrictive and crash diets
  • Weight loss surgery

Your diet matters

When you see someone with lush healthy hair, it is almost certain that their diet is nutrient-dense. On the other hand, nutritional deficiencies can trigger hair loss so can eating a lot of certain vitamins. Some vitamin overdoses can cause toxicity.

If you suddenly change your diet and switch to a restrictive or crash diet, then your hair will suffer simultaneously due to nutritional deficiencies. Unless your changed diet includes protein, zinc, fatty acids, and iron, your hair health is more likely to suffer. According to a 2015 study, iron deficiency was the number one factor for hair loss among women subjects.

In fact, low-calorie crash diets can cause psychological stress, resulting in extreme hair loss.

Low protein intake

Amino acids are essential for the overall health of the body as they help in the production of keratin. Even research finds a connection between amino acid deficiency and hair loss. according to a study conducted in 2017, many subjects with hair loss were found to be deficient in leucine and histidine amino acids. By adding more protein to your diet, you can take care of amino acid deficiencies and thus stem hair fall caused due to its deficiency.

Weight loss surgery

If anyone has undergone gastro surgery, they may have low levels of vitamins, minerals, and protein as their body cannot absorb nutrients. As a result of nutritional deficiency, they may experience hair loss. Research reports that people with a sleeve gastrectomy may experience hair loss due to a deficiency of vitamin B12 and zinc. This type of hair loss may last as long as the patient is recovering from surgery. it may take 5-6 months or longer for a full recovery.

How is weight loss and hair loss connected?

Well, sudden weight loss can affect your hair health. The reason is pretty simple – the unavailability of nutrients. For healthy hair growth, adequate nourishment is required. It includes a balanced caloric intake.

When you lose weight rapidly, you drain the body of protein, iron, minerals, and other dietary supplements. As a result, the hair is deprived of nutrition and eventually starts to thin out.

By restoring your nutritional requirements, you can still overcome hair loss problems to some extent, though this won’t happen overnight.

If you are restless and cannot wait for months for your hair glory to return, look for alternative therapies that can help revive your personality. Scalp micropigmentation is one such hair restoration treatment that camouflages your damaged hair and gives you a youthful appearance.

SMP in Arizona Advantage

Yes, Arizona SMP technicians at DermiMatch Clinic are well-trained and experienced in handling hair loss cases due to sudden weight loss. if you, too, think your weight loss and hair loss are linked, get in touch with scalp experts today.