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Women Hair Loss: When To See a Doctor

Women hair loss can feel devastating to a female because you love your hair. No doubt, you consider them an integral part of your personality. But hair loss happens to everyone as they age. It becomes a concern when that happens before time. There are different types of hair loss and you want to understand your exact problem first. Whether it is hair shedding, hair thinning, pattern baldness, or a receding hair line. While hair loss could be genetic or due to stress. Your hormonal imbalance could be a factor too. Recently, COVID survivors too had experienced extreme hair shedding. So it might be due to a health concern or ailment. Women lose hair after childbirth. Now when is women hair loss treated seriously?

Hair Shedding: Phases of Women Hair Loss

It is normal for women to experience hair shedding. Your hair undergoes three phases in its lifetime, that is, anagen, when they are active and cells are dividing rapidly. Catagen phase involves the stop of hair growth that was occurring in the anagen phase. After this transitional stage, the hair moves to telogen or resting phase. This is the time when hair follicle is at rest. The phase may continue for 100 days. In this stage, there is a loss of around 50 to 100 telogen hairs per day.

Apart from this, women hair loss could be attributed to the post-pregnancy period when hormones have slowed. The same hormones were in full swing during pregnancy. Other conditions involve hypothyroidism, Hashimoto disease, hyperthyroidism, celiac disease, Addison’s disease, or an autoimmmune disorder, among others. Certain medications can also trigger temporary hair shedding.

When to see a doctor

Hair loss is normal in many cases, so you should not be worried about it much. However, if your hair shedding does not stop and you experience unusual signs of hair loss, such as bald patches, clumps of hair, or a fast receding hair line, it’s time to consult with your doctor. They will do a diagnosis of your problem and suggest a solution.

However, in a majority of cases, doctors prescribe medications or might suggest a hair transplant. Not all medications are effective at controlling hair shedding. Unless you are willing to go under the knife, you may want to opt for a permanent solution that involves no deep incisions, unlike a transplant.

Does SMP for Women Hair Loss Work

 Many women suffering from hair loss due to reasons unknown have chosen scalp micropigmentation as a hair restoration procedure. Women prefer SMP to hair transplant and other procedures due to its faster recovery period. Additionally, it requires less care and you are good to go  by following a few SMP aftercare tips. With that said, SMP does not involve incisions and is a painless procedure that recreates the appearance of hair follicles and hides bald patches or a receding hairline.

What are you waiting for when you are looking for a hair restoration solution for women hair problems? Get in touch with the best scalp artist in Phoenix, Arizona, at DermiMatch Clinic, and you have the best hairstyle to stay confident.

scalp micropigmentation

How can Phoenix SMP Help Women

Nobody gets as furious about hair loss or hair thinning as women. Agree? If you, too, are unhappy about those falling hair tresses or bald patches, you see hope in Phoenix SMP. But does scalp micropigmentation for women actually work? Let’s explore.

Phoenix SMP Effectiveness for Women

Is scalp micropigmentation effective for female hair loss? Well, women may suffer hair loss due to n number of reasons, including stress, age, nutrition, environment, or medication.

Thinning hair can cause a lot of stress for women. Luckily, scalp micropigmentation can help create the look of thicker, denser hair. The hair restoration procedure covers bald patches and creates a look of fuller head of hair.

  • The best thing about scalp micropigmentation is that it reduces the contrast between the scalp and hair, thus creating an even look.
  • It is less invasive than a hair transplant with fewer to no side effects. In addition, you may want to choose SMP for its shorter recovery period.
  • Women often worry about any hair restoration treatments causing damage to their remaining hair. Luckily, this is not the case with scalp micropigmentation. It does not cause any damage to existing hair. In many cases, when the hair starts to grow, SMP will remain undetected.
  • If you are looking for a hair thickening treatment to cover those bald and thinning patches, SMP densification is a great option. Densification is used to fill in areas disguising the scalp. SMP gives your hair the look of natural fullness and can be used to supplement hair transplant as well. Why? Well, you cannot expect a hair transplant to give you full hair density.

How Does SMP Hair Thickening for Women Work?

Scalp micropigmentation is designed to conceal thinning patches. The scalp artist uses a needle to apply dots of pigment to the areas of baldness or thinning. As a result of SMP treatment, these dots create the look of a fuller head. Women love Phoenix SMP for the natural look that they are able to achieve with scalp micropigmentation. The best thing about SMP is that the pigmented dots are so tiny that they are not visible to the naked eye. The right scalp artist in Phoenix tailors the treatment to match the hair type of clients.

You can rest assured that SMP is a safe and painless technique to create thicker-looking hair. The right scalp technicians use the best scalp micropigmentation pigment, which doesn’t cause any side effects or allergic reactions. There are no scars with SMP, unlike a hair transplant surgery that gives you a permanent scar at the treatment site. Better still, the procedure does not harm your hair roots because the needle does not penetrate deeper into the scalp. As a result, these sensitive areas remain untouched and will not bleed. However, the scalp might remain a little red or itchy for up to a day. Luckily, this should go away within a day or two.

Choose the Right Scalp Artist

Scalp experts create your look of a thicker, fuller head of hair by carefully laying one dot after another. Once the treatment is over and your scalp has healed, it’s time to enjoy the results for years to come, with occasional touch-ups required to keep the pigment from fading.

At DermiMatch, you will find scalp experts who know their craft well and can create the look you have always desired.